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American Revolutionary War Flags

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American Revolutionary War Flags

There are dozens of historical flags associated with the American Revolution. From 'Don't Tread on Me' flags to Betsy Ross flags, American Revolutionary war flags help to tell the story of the United States' fight for independence from Great Britain.

At Gettysburg Flag Works, we are proud to do our part to preserve America's history by offering American Revolutionary War flags as part of our extensive flag collection.

Historical Flags of the American Revolution

Tree Flags of the American Revolution

Each flag in this collection played a role in representing a group or ideal that came about as part of the American Revolution. You'll see some familiar flags you might recognize like the Gadsden Flag, the Join or Die Flag, the Betsy Ross Flag, and the Union Jack Flag, as well as others that are a bit lesser known but important nonetheless.

Tree Flags of the American Revolution

You may notice in browsing the flags above that many flags during the era of the American Revolution feature the image of a pine tree. These trees are symbolic and meaningful, representing the colonies' desire for independence and their resistance to colonization by Great Britain.

Learn more about the significance and history of the pine tree flags of the American Revolution here.

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Browse our extensive selection of Revolutionary War Flags and you'll probably learn a little something about our nation's history along the way. This unique collection of flags is diverse, with each flag steeped in historical significance.

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