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Boat Flag Poles & Mounting Hardware

Whether you use your boat for fishing or recreation, boat flags are a must for mariners who want to give their vessels personality and style. From the standard American Boat Flag to the Jolly Roger Pirate Flag to a Custom Boat Flag personalized with your craft’s name, there are dozens of Boating & Marine Flags from which to choose. In addition, we stock a variety of Boat Flag Poles & Mounting Hardware to make displaying your flags a breeze.

Boat Flag Poles

Select from boat flag poles made of wood or stainless steel, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Teak, Mahogany & Pine Wood Flag Poles for Boats

Our solid Teak Boat Flagpoles and Premium Pine Boat Flagpoles are lightly varnished and available with or without a Chrome Mounting Bracket.

All of our wood boat flagpoles measure 1” in diameter and come in a variety of lengths from 18” to 30”. Purchase with our Stainless Steel Boat Flag Skipper Clips or Charlevoix Boat Flag Clips for securing your flag to the pole.

Stainless Steel Flag Poles for Boats

Our Stainless Steel Side Mount Boat Flagpole include a side-mount plate, which is secured to your boat with set-screws for permanent bracket installation. The pole is 20.25” long and 0.50” in diameter, and can be removed for easy storage. Fixed ring attachments accommodate boat flags measuring 16X24”.

Our Stainless Steel Rail Mount Boat Flagpoles attach to your boat’s side rails with a clamp-style mechanism that tightens to existing tubing. The pole is 15.5 long and the split ring attachments can accommodate flags measuring 12x18”.

Both Stainless Steel Boat Flagpoles are marine-grade and safe for use at speeds up to 10 mph.

Boat Flag Mounting Hardware

If you already have a boat flag pole and are just looking for mounting hardware, our flag pole brackets and flag clips can be purchased separately.

Our Chrome Boat Flag Pole Bracket is made of brass with a shiny chrome finish and a set screw for tightening. It can accommodate all of our wood boat flag poles, as well as others measuring up to 1” im diameter.

For securing your boat flag to the pole, we carry two different options. Our pack of 4 Stainless Steel Skipper Clips and self-tapping screws are perfect for tapping our pre-drilled wood boat flag poles. If using with metal or fiberglass poles, we recommend pre-drilling pilot holes using a 7/64" bit.

We also carry Charlevoix Boat Flag Clips. This pair of semi-permanent, black plastic adjustable boat flag clips attaches securely with a cinch mechanism to a standard flag pole or stern light pole, and keeps flags securely in place at speeds up to 50 mph.

How to Purchase Our Boat Flag Poles & Hardware

All of our Boat Flag Poles & Mounting Hardware can be purchased online through our website. For questions about any of our products or customization, or to place an order for by phone, just give us a call at 1-888-697-3524.

Looking for more information on boat flags? Use our Guide to Boat Flag Sizes to determine the correct size flag for your boat, and check out these experts tips on Boat Flag Etiquette to learn about the different types of boat flags and how to display them properly.