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Government Agency Flags - Official Use Only
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Government Department Flags For Sale


We know how important it is to make your flag to the specifications outlined by the agency itself. That’s why we’ve gone through tremendous research and qualification standards to be granted the ability to serve you with your incredible flag. Each flag design is the designated flag design for each agency listed. From the seal to the size metrics, we’ve gone further than anybody to make sure your government flag is perfectly made. This is because our flags are tailored specifically for each Department’s listed requirements. From the Department of Justice to the Department of Veterans Affairs, we can create any printed flag or sewn flag you need! Simply search our catalog above and order online or reach out if you don’t see the flag you’re looking for.

Government-Grade Quality

Each flag we’ve made is suitable for a wide range of official settings, from federal buildings to national cemeteries, as well as any building associated with the government agency flag. Constructed from high quality Nylon, Polyester or Rayon - Any style you select will maintain its integrity and vibrant colors, ensuring long-lasting use and presentation in indoor or outdoor settings. Even the deep blue and gold emblem of the Department of Veterans Affairs is presented with exceptional clarity and brilliance for as long as possible.

We use precision embroidery for every seal and emblem that represents each government agency. The intricate embroidery showcases the emblem with stunning detail and craftsmanship making every star, stripe, and letter perfectly stitched for indoor or outdoor display.

Indoor Government Flags

Our highest quality Indoor flag sets are available for any Government Institution. Formal flag displays are an integral piece of any government building and they have to be made properly. Get a full indoor flag set for your office, or purchase the flag itself with pole hem and perfectly lined fringe!

Outdoor Government Flags

Our outdoor Agency Flags use reinforced edging & brass grommets for secure attachment on any pole. If you’re looking for a specific outdoor flag for your agency building, use this page to find your agency! If you don’t see your agency listed in our catalog, you can reach out to us and we will make it for you personally!