Residential Flag Brackets

Residential Flag Brackets

Gettysburg Flag Works is your source for flag pole brackets. Flag mounts are available in a variety of finishes including: white, black, bronze, gold, silver and even mirror. Flag mounts come in several varieties to fit your residential or stick flags. Flag mount diameters include ¾", ½", 1" or 1 ¼". Attach a flag pole mount to your front porch, wooden fence or any other vertical surface.

Choose the flag pole holder that fits your needs by choosing between our many pole angle options. Flag mounts are available in 90, 80, 45, 60, and 30 degree angles. Also choose a material for your flag pole holder. Aluminum is a durable outdoor flag mount material that doesn't rust or rot and is lightweight. A cast-iron flag pole holder is heavier and is available in black, white or bronze. For the indoor flag pole mount option, choose our adjustable nylon flagpole bracket which feels like plastic. Specialty flag brackets also come in bronze or stainless steel.

Adjustable Flag Pole Mount

Sometimes the fixed flag brackets just won't work because you are looking to display your flag above a bush or below a tree limb. This is where adjustable flag brackets come in. Adjustable flag brackets allow you to swivel the flagpole bracket up and down until you've found the perfect angle for your display.

Other Flag Brackets

Garden flag pole brackets are made for mounting to a fence post, mailbox or wall. It is a fixed horizontal flag mount with a pretty scroll top.

The Electric Way flag mount, and a few others, are made to be banded to a pole or pillar. This style of flag pole holder has a slot in the base of the bracket for a strap or pipe clamp style band. This will wrap around a light pole or other vertical post. These pole brackets are available with or without screw holes for that option of mounting. This type of flag pole holder is commonly used along main streets to display flags during the holiday season.

Sometimes you need a special, more decorative flag mount. Take a look at our beautiful gold star flagpole bracket for the special display that you are working on. This is especially beautiful for your American flag or military flag display. If you don't see what you need amongst our flag brackets, please email or call us. We often have more options or even custom options to meet your needs.

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