House and Garden Banner Hardware

Brackets and Hardware for a House Flag

Decorative banners are a popular way to add a touch of color and personality to your front yard or porch. These banners are available in designs for all different seasons, holidays , hobbies, themes and can be custom made just for you. They have a sleeve at the top and are designed vertically to hang on a horizontal or gently angled flagpole. Most decorative house banners range from 24x36" to 28x44". Gettysburg Flag Works is happy to offer a wide variety of hardware options and flag parts to make it easy to display your new flag.

Flagpole brackets come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials and even colors to match your home's decor. The most common size of bracket holds a 1" diameter flagpole. This type of bracket comes in plastic, aluminum, and cast iron. We offer stationary or adjustable brackets to suite your needs. Other flagpole brackets work for poles that are diameters of 3/4" or 1 1/4" (.75" or 1.25").

In addition to brackets, there are other parts you may need for your house banner or flag. For a flag with grommets, we offer grommet rings to help you attach your flag to your flagpole . There are also neverfurl kits which help to keep your flag from wrapping up around the flagpole. Add a solar light to keep your flag lit in the evening or even replace the finial with a ball or eagle for your flagpole.

Hardware to hang a Garden Flag

Garden flags also hang vertically from a top sleeve but are much smaller than the house sized banner. Garden flags are typically 11x15" or 12x18". Most people think of them as being on a small metal stand stuck into the ground Garden flags can also be mounted to a mailbox, wall, fence post or even suction cup mounted to a window. There's even a base for displaying your garden flag on a stand on your deck or indoors.

Other types of Flag Hardware

Other types of hardware for your house or garden banner include replacement parts for your neverfurl and nylon ties for attaching a flag or banner in other places. We also offer a suction cup hook for your window or door, a flag kit for your hand rail on your balcony and a wreath hanger for a headstone.

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