Garden Flags and Banners

Decorative Garden Flags

A yard can be rather bare without any decoration. Shrubbery, grass, plants, all of these can be crafted to produce a unique place, but only so much can be done with a garden. It’s difficult to get certain messages across without writing, and that’s where the garden flags and banners from Gettysburg Flag Works come in.

Our garden banners range from the serious to the silly, able to commemorate an event or to express the season. A garden banner is the perfect way to let the world know about your personality, and your feelings towards pretty much anything.

Religious Garden Flags

A garden banner is the perfect way to express your religious convictions. With garden banners declaring that God is good, and asking God to bless your house, these tasteful and small garden banners are unintrusive declarations of your faith.

Patriotic Garden Flags

Your garden is just as good of a place to declare your patriotic pride, than off the side of your house or on an in-ground flagpole. Patriotic garden banners aren’t just limited to the United States either, as we have garden banners available in many other country’s colors as well. Proudly display your heritage alongside the stars and stripes, with these fine garden flags and banners!

Animal Garden Flags

Any animal lover will love our variety of animal themed garden flags and banners. Dog people and cat people alike will find garden banners to show their love for their furry friends. And fear not, lovers of different kinds of animals, we have a wide variety of garden flags available for those who have more exotic pets.

Using Garden Flags as Cemetery Flags

Not all occasions are happy though, and Gettysburg Flag Works has garden flags and banners to commemorate lost loved ones. Cemetery flags are 11x15” and can come in a variety of styles. There are cemetery flags with Christian and Jewish symbolism, as well as cemetery flags with non-denominational messages. For those who do not wish to have religious messages on a cemetery flag, we also have messages of remembrance without mention of an afterlife.

Several of our cemetery flags can be customized to add the names and photos of your loved ones. A cemetery flag adds a personalized touch to a gravesite, and can be a way to help celebrate a life lived.

Products related to Garden Banners

If you’re planning on a garden banner, you might also consider a garden stand to display the flag.

Did you know that we can create custom Garden Flags and Banners?

A custom cemetery flag is not the only custom banner you can commission. We can make a completely custom garden flag to set your yard apart from everyone else on the block. Call or email today!

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