Cleats & Halyard Flag Flagpoles

Where does the flagpole cleat get mounted?

Outrigger and commercial wall-mounted flagpoles often use many of the same hardware pieces that you'll see on an in-ground flagpole. Cleats are one of those parts. Depending on the style flagpole you are using, it could be mounted to the base of the flagpole or to the wall below your flagpole. Sometimes they are even mounted low enough on the building to allow the flag to be raised and lowered from the ground. See the install instructions for your flagpole to determine the ideal location.

Halyard for your flagpole

Halyard is also universally used for larger flagpoles but it comes in a variety of diameters and types to suit different needs. A simple braided synthetic halyard is the most commonly used flagpole halyard. It is available in several colors to allow you to match your flagpole or to disguise it against a dark colored wall. Halyard is sized by diameter and we recommend measuring or researching the correct diameter for your pulley. Too thick a diameter won't fit through, and too narrow a diameter runs the risk of falling to the side of the pulley and becoming trapped or wearing prematurely. For more durability in heavy winds or for displaying larger flags, we also offer wire centered halyard. This is available in standard or stainless steel cable.

More about flagpole hardware

Flagpoles may seem very complicated if you haven't worked on them before, especially when looking at the variety of hardware options available. For assistance with choosing halyard, cleats or any other parts, please call us. Our sales staff is ready to help you to get the right parts for your pole and all of the correct parts the first time.

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