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Cleats & Halyards for Commercial Flags

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Outrigger Wall-Mounted Cleats & Halyards

Commercial wall-mounted flags, sometimes called outriggers, use many of the same hardware pieces as in-ground flagpoles, including halyards and cleats. The halyard is simply the rope or cable used to raise and lower your flag, and the cleat is the piece of hardware used to secure the halyard to the flagpole or wall.

Halyards for Wall-Mounted Flags

The cables, or ropes, used to raise and lower wall-mounted flags are made in a variety of materials and diameters, and it’s important to determine the correct diameter for your pulley. If your halyard is too thick, it won’t fit through the pulley, and if it’s too thin, the halyard can fall to the side of the pulley and become trapped or wear prematurely.

We sell halyards in a variety of colors and diameters and offer wire-centered halyards for added durability. We also sell standard Anti-Tamper Halyard Covers in 5, 6, 8 and 10’ sizes.

Braided Halyard

Our durable mold resistant Braided Halyards are sold by the foot and cut to your specifications. These halyards are available in silver, bronze and black polypropylene, and either white nylon or polyester. Choose from 3/16” to 1/2” diameter.

Wire Center Halyard

For more durability in heavy winds or for displaying larger flags, we also offer wire centered halyards. Our standard Wire Center Halyard is made of a braided polyester with steel wire in a variety of colors, while our Stainless-Steel Wire Center Halyard is only available in white polyester. Both wire center halyards are sold by the foot and come in a variety of diameters.

Cleats for Wall-Mounted Flags

Depending on the style of the flagpole you’re using, cleats can be mounted to the base of the flagpole or to the wall or building below the pole. In some instances, the cleat is mounted low enough on the building that you can raise and lower your flag from the ground. See the install instructions for your flagpole to determine the ideal location.

We sell a variety of commercial cleats for securing your flag’s halyard, including cast aluminum cleats and nylon cleats.

Aluminum Cleats

Our most popular cleats for securing outrigger halyards are the Cast Aluminum Cleat and the Light-Duty Cast Aluminum Cleat, both of which are available in 2 lengths and 4 finishes. For large flags, our Monster Flagpole Cleat is made of durable cast aluminum in a variety of finishes, and measures 14.75” in length.

Nylon Cleats

Our Nylon Cleats are a lightweight and affordable option for securing your outrigger halyard. Made of a silky smooth, durable plastic, these cleats are available in gray or white with two self-tapping screws for easy mounting.

Questions About Outrigger Flagpole Hardware

If you’re not sure which halyard or cleat is right for your commercial wall-mounted flag or outrigger flagpole, contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524. Our flag experts will help you select the correct hardware the first time, and can even place your order by phone.