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Residential Flagpole Finials

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Flagpole Finials for House Flags

Most residential house-mount flagpoles include a ball topper. However, if your finial needs to be replaced, or you simply want to swap it out for a different style, we carry a variety of replacement flagpole finials for house-mount flags.

Ball Finials

Ball flagpole toppers are a popular choice for their traditional appearance. In addition, the smooth rounded edges won’t catch on or tear your flag if the wind blows it up over the end of the flagpole. Choose from our Wooden Ball Finial or a gold-colored Plastic Slip-Fit Ball Top for standard flagpoles, or the plastic Gold Ball Finial or Wood Grain Ball finial for spinning flagpoles.

Eagle Finials

Our Eagle Flagpole Finial for 1” spinning flagpoles features a shiny gold plastic finish for a patriotic and Presidential appearance. However, before replacing your ball finial with an eagle ornament, we recommend watching your flag to see if it frequently flies up over the end of your flagpole. If this happens with an eagle flagpole ornament, your flag could catch and eventually tear on the eagle's wingtip.

More Residential House Flag Hardware & Accessories

In addition to flagpole finials and toppers, we carry a wide selection of hardware and accessories for all types of house flags. Browse our selection of Residential Flagpoles, Mounting Brackets and Anti-Wrap Flagpole Hardware. You can also contact us online or call us at 1-888-697-3524 with questions, or to place an order by phone.