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Post & Wall Mounting Hardware: Bracket Hardware for Commercial & Residential Flags

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Bracket Hardware for Post, House, or Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Quality flagpole accessories mean the difference between a beautiful, worry-free flag display, and a troublesome maintenance project. Gettysburg Flag Works is proud to offer high quality flagpole accessories in a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

Wall mounted or post mounted flagpoles require specialized mounting hardware. There are several styles of mounted flagpoles. We've broken them down below to help you determine which type of bracket hardware is right for your flag.

Commercial Flagpole Mounting Hardware

Businesses use outrigger flagpoles to display American flags, state flags and custom business flags for decorative and advertising purposes. This sort of flagpole mounts to the exterior wall of the building and requires very sturdy, well-made flagpole mounting hardware. The commercial flag brackets must be strong and durable to withstand harsh weather. Smaller flagpole accessories like halyard, snaps, anti-theft covers and non-tangle rods are all available as well. You can learn more about wall or post mount bracket hardware meant for commercial use here.

Avenue banners also require special mounting parts. Avenue banner brackets, banding and hanging tools will make your installation process easy. Check out our full selection of avenue banner hardware here.

Residential Flag Brackets & House Mount Flagpole Hardware

Flagpole parts for your home flagpole include brackets, rings, and ant-wrap hardware. We are proud to offer flagpole hardware accessories in a variety of colors and finished for match your home decor. Find the flagpole bracket and mounting rings to match the flagpole diameter and finish of your flagpole and then add a solar light for the perfect finishing touch to your front porch decor.

To keep your flag from wrapping up around your flagpole, Gettysburg Flag Works offers several accessories to choose from. If you've chosen a spinning pole, then simple grommet rings will hold your flag securely while allowing it to spin around the pole. Add an eagle ornament to your spinning pole for a traditional touch to your American flag. Our flag light for your house mount pole will also work with the spinning pole. For a single-piece flagpole, choose a never furl kit to keep your flag from tangling up. It is available in several diameters and either black or white to match your other flagpole hardware.

Flagpole brackets for your home are available in several angle and diameter options as well as a variety of colors. Match your house trim with white, black, silver or bronze flagpole hardware.

You can check out our extensive selection of residential flagpole brackets, mounts, and hardware here.

Flagpole Brackets & Hardware You Can Trust!

Whether you're looking to fly a commercial or residential flag, we have the durable, high quality hardware, flagpole brackets, and accessories you need to make your flag display vision a reality.

Not sure which post, house, or wall mounted flagpole brackets and hardware will work best for your specific situation? We can help with that! Just give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we will happily provide assistance with choosing the hardware you need to fly your flag properly and securely outside your home or business.

Need a new flag to fly now that your wall- or post mount flagpole is all set up? We've got you covered! From American flags to custom flags and everything in between, our wide selection of flags and banners is a great place to find just the flag you're looking for.

Considering an upgrade to an in-ground flagpole? We stock a wide variety of in-ground flagpoles, too - including easy-order flagpoles that can be ordered online and shipped right to your door!