International Historical Flags

Historic Flags of the World

There is a long history of flag usage around the world. Presented here are just a select few.

Irish Historic Flags

The Erin Go Bragh flag has been used by the Irish diaspora in the US since the 1800s. The phrase translates as “Ireland Forever" and the design invokes the Irish harp.

The Plough & Stars flag first appeared in 1916 during gate Easter revolt. It was used by the Irish Citizen's Army during it's war against Britain for Irish independence. It's meant to symbolize that Ireland will control its own destiny, from the plows to the stars. It is still in use today as the official flags of several Irish political parties.

Dutch Historic Flags

The Dutch East and West India companies were established by the Netherlands to oversee trade operations. The East India company was given dominion of operations in Asia and southern Africa, while the West India company was given dominion of operations in the Americas as well as the west African slave trade. The companies were instrumental in the establishment of Dutch colonies around the world. Due to the government granted monopolies these companies enjoyed, they became fabulously wealthy. However, they also became incredibly corrupt. They were eventually disbanded, and the Dutch government took over the administration of its colonies.

High Quality Historic Flags

Each of our flags are made of a high quality nylon fabric that is resistant to the elements. In addition, nylon flags have brilliant colors that won't fade in the sun.

If you have a flag in mind that you don't see here, please contact us. We also print custom flags, so if you need a specific historic flag we will be able to price out a print for you.

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