Cleats For Flagpoles

What is a flagpole cleat?

A cleat is a piece of hardware that is screwed or bolted to the bottom of an external halyard flagpole or the wall below an outrigger flagpole and is used to secure the bottom of the halyard. Cleats are available in several sizes and metals. We recommend using aluminum cleats on aluminum flagpoles. Bronze cleats are popular along the coast and on other types of flagpoles.

How do you secure the rope at the bottom of the flagpole?

A cleat is used at the bottom of your flagpole to secure the halyard and keep your flag flying high. With the halyard pulled snug, simply wrap the loose end around your cleat either in a circle or in a figure eight style. With the last two wraps, put a twist in the halyard before looping it on so that it holds tightly.

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