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Cleats For Flagpoles

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Flagpole Cleats for Securing Your Flag’s Halyard

A cleat is used at the bottom of your flagpole to secure the halyard, or rope, and keep your flag flying high. Cleats are available in several sizes and metals. We recommend using aluminum cleats on aluminum flagpoles. However, bronze cleats are popular along the coast, and nickel silver cleats are often used on boats or as accents in nautical themed home interiors.

Aluminum Flagpole Cleats

Our most popular cleat is the 9” Aluminum Flagpole Cleat. Made of cast aluminum, it accommodates both smaller residential flagpoles, as well as larger commercial flagpoles, and includes a pair of self-tapping stainless steel screws. For light-duty applications, we also carry a Light-Duty Cast Aluminum Cleat. This particular cleat comes in 2 lengths and 4 finishes, as does our standard Cast Aluminum Cleat. For oversized flags and large commercial flagpoles, our Monster Flagpole Cleat is made of durable cast aluminum in a variety of finishes, and measures 14.75” in length.

Nylon Flagpole Cleats

Our Nylon Flagpole Cleats are a lightweight and affordable option for securing a halyard to the flagpole. Made of a silky smooth, durable plastic, these cleats are available in gray or white with two self-tapping screws for easy mounting.

Nickel Silver Flagpole Cleats

Our 4” Nickel Silver Cleats are ideal for light duty and smaller flagpoles, or on boats or yachts where a small cleat is needed. The shiny silver chrome finish also makes these cleats a perfect accent for nautical themed interiors. Use them as towel hooks, cabinet handles or drawer pulls.

Cam Cleats for Flagpoles

Cam cleats are used with internal halyard poles, and securely hold the flag halyard behind a heavy-duty cam-action cleat. Our replacement Cam Cleats are brass alloyed with a galvanized steel housing, and can accommodate a maximum rope diameter of 5/16”.

How to Use a Flagpole Cleat

With the halyard pulled snug, simply wrap the loose end around your cleat, either in a circle or in a figure-eight style. With the last two wraps, put a twist in the halyard before looping it on so that it holds tightly.

Having trouble with your flagpole rigging, or struggling to locate a specific piece of flagpole hardware? Give our flag experts a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to assist you.