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Small American flags are perfect for parades, company giveaways and the classroom!

Gettysburg Flag Works is proud to offer a large selection of American stick flags. These small American flags are perfect for use at parades, as grave markers, giveaways and for use in the classroom. We have such a wide variety of miniature flags that you will certainly find the ones that fit your specific needs.

Our cotton USA stick flags come in four different sizes – each with a different length stick – and are hemmed on four sides. These very popular flags are mounted on a smooth natural wood staff with a gilt spear.

The next type of American stick flags that we offer are the Saf-T-Ball variety. These USA stick flags are hemmed cotton USA stick flags, but are mounted to a staff with a ball top for safety. These miniature flags are great for older children to use, but should not be given to children under the age of three as they are a choking hazard.

A more economical option of small American flags are the Economy USA stick flags. These are also 100% cotton but are constructed with a special no-fray finish so hemming is not required. These miniature flags are mounted on a smooth finished natural wood staff and can come with or without a gold spear top. These American stick flags are great for handing out at parades, give-aways and for company use.

If you are looking for a classroom, we offer a specific type of American stick flags just for this purpose. These small American flags are made of 100% fine polyester and are mounted on black staffs with gilt spears. These miniature flags come in a variety of sizes, and are also available with gold fringe.

All USA stick flags are available with quantity discount pricing.

Did you know we can customize small american flags?

Looking for a way to add a branding opportunity to your give-away? We can customize your American stick flags by printing your company name on the staff! Miniature flags are a fun and unique way to stand out.

Products related to small American flags

If you are looking for other types of miniature flags, Gettysburg Flag Works offers both country and state stick flags. Hereto, quantity discount pricing is available.

We also offer a number of different types of brackets should you be looking for a flag holder for your stick flags.

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