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Flagpole Finials

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Flagpole Finials for Outdoor Use

Top your flagpole with something both eye-catching and functional! Our high quality flagpole finials are decorative ornaments that come in a variety of designs, while also serving to protect the interior of hollow flagpoles from the elements.

We have a wide variety of flagpole finials for sale. Learn a bit more about some of our most popular flagpole finials here!

American Eagle Flagpole Finials

The American Eagle flagpole finial (also called an ornament, or topper) is made of aluminum with gold anodized finish. The flagpole eagle is supplied already mounted to a spindle, which screws into the truck or cap at the top of your flagpole. Eagle flagpole finials are available in gold or silver anodized aluminum finishes. Choose your flagpole eagle color and size based on the height of your flagpole.

Ball Ornament Flagpole Finials

Available in an array of colors, these aluminum ball ornaments (also referred to as pole toppers) are our most popular flagpole finial. All are supplied already mounted to a spindle, which screws into the truck or cap at the top of your flagpole. Typically, we recommend that your ball diameter be the same as the largest diameter on your flagpole, but if you prefer a different size, there are not true rules that apply. Ball flagpole finials are available in gold anodized, clear anodized, bronze, white, black and silver satin aluminum finishes.

Gold leaf copper ball ornaments are supplied already mounted to a spindle which screws into the truck or cap at the top of your flagpole.

We recommend choosing the right size flag pole ball by measuring the butt diameter (diameter of the bottom) of your flag pole. The ball topper should be about the same diameter. Flag pole ball finials come in sizes from 3 to 8 inch diameter on a 1/2" spindle with 13NC threading and in 10 or 12" diameters on a 5/8" spindle with 11NC threading. A large flag pole ball is quite heavy and requires care in installation.

Eagle on Ball Flagpole Finials

The eagle on ball flagpole finial option uses both the flagpole eagle and the traditional ball flagpole finial combined for a decorative effect on your flag pole. In this case, the ball is a bit smaller than if it were displayed alone and you will chose the flagpole eagle size based on it's wingspan. Eagle/Ball flagpole finials are supplied on a 1/2" diameter spindle with 13NC threading for use with most flagpole trucks and caps.

Products Related to Flagpole Finials

In addition to flagpole finials, Gettysburg Flag Works carries all of the flag pole hardware that you will need to successfully construct or repair your flagpole. Related hardware includes caps or trucks for the top of your flagpole, the halyard and clips to attach your flag, a cleat for the bottom of the pole and internal halyard parts like retainer rings and flagpole weights. Browse our full selection of in ground flagpole hardware here!

If you are in a location where theft or damage is a possibility, be sure to check out our anti-theft cleat cover boxes and locks.

Need help deciding which part will work best for your specific flagpole? Don't hesitate to give our knowledgeable sales staff for a recommendation. Call us today at 1-888-697-3524 or send us a message online and we'll be happy to help you out!