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Pole banner brackets are used to install avenue banners, also called pole banners in a variety of locations, such as mall parking lots and along main city corridors. Avenue banners mounted on banner pole brackets can be found identifying neighborhoods, school locations, and churches.

Nearly every town has at least a few pole banner brackets. They are used all year long as the banners are changed to match the seasons. Sometimes it only takes one set of banner pole brackets and an avenue banner to mark the location along a road.

Installation of Banner Pole Brackets

Some institutions install their banner pole brackets by themselves. This usually incorporates a ladder and some minor tools. Places of business may hire out sign shops or their local flag dealer to facilitate installation. This can get costly, especially if the banners are changed often with seasons and holidays. If the installer does not do this full time, they typically rent a lift on a daily or weekly basis.

In windy area, installation methods become critical. Some prefer to use two bands in each band slot, while some prefer to bolt the banner pole brackets in place. More professional installations use stainless steel strapping to secure the banner pole brackets in place. A special tool is required for the stainless steel strapping, which pulls the strapping tight around the pole, secures the strapping with a buckle, and cuts the band to length. Some installations allow for, or call for, a U-Bolt for square poles.

Types of Banner Pole Brackets / Avenue Banner Brackets

Banner pole brackets have evolved over the decades. Initially, banner pole brackets were made from steel tubing. The steel assemblies were bolted or strapped in place, like any other banner pole brackets. The main problem with steel banner pole brackets is that they tend to rust over time and the rusting will often stain the avenue banner.

Today banner pole brackets are made of aluminum and fiberglass. This combination is lighter in weight but stronger. The attaching housing is cast with an aluminum alloy, and is pre-drilled and tapped for fastening hardware. The banner poles are made from a glass fiber reinforced epoxy filled honeycombed extrusion. This allows for a much lighter weight bracket with higher strength. The fiberglass poles are also somewhat flexible. They can flex or bend in the wind and this action relieves some of the stress from the wind.

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