Custom Flags by Shape and Style

Shapes of Custom Flags

Custom flags and banners come in many shapes besides the standard rectangle. Those other shapes have funny names that may not be familiar to anyone who hasn't purchased a flag before, so here's a quick list:


The term burgee is not truly specific to any special shape. It is, however, usually a different shape than a standard rectangle. Since the most common "other" shape is a horizontal pennant, many people will use these terms interchangeably.


A pennant is a triangular shaped flag. The header or sleeve is typically on the shorter of the 3 sides and the other 2 sides are the same length so that the point is centered. Pennants come in either horizontal or vertical layouts.


The term Guidon is typically used to refer to a unit flag but the shape can be used for other purposes. A guidon is a rectangular flag with a 2 pointed tails. It looks as if a triangle was cut out of the fly end of the flag.


If you turn a Guidon vertically so that the 2 points are pointing down, it would be called a dovetail banner. These are very popular as wall or podium banners.


A birdsmouth flag is a triangular pennant shape with a small triangle cut out of the point so that it has a double pointed end. Picture a birds beak just slightly open.


A gonfalon is a vertical banner that looks as if an extra triangle were added to the bottom of it giving it a single point. These are very popular as processional banners for Colleges and Universities.


A feather flag is a vertical layout but it mounts to a vertical pole on one side. The fly end has a curved shape that is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom resembling a birds feather.

Scalloped Bottom

A banner with any shape that isn't mentioned above and isn't squared off, would be considered scalloped. We can cut just about any shape into the bottom of your banner for added detail. This is a common practice for marching lead banners and can be accented with fringe for a very luxurious look.

Styles of Custom Banners

By "style" of custom banner, we're really talking about use. Custom banners can be used in a wide variety of ways, both indoor and outdoors. Each style has a variety of options but they are typically used similarly.

Table Drapes

A table drape (also called a table cover or tablecloth) can be customized with any logo or color. They are typically printed on polyester for easy cleaning and use. Unlike other types of banners, they usually don't have any way to mount them to a pole. They are usually hemmed on 4 sides.

Golf Flags

Golf flags are great for sponsors or country clubs for advertising on a professional green, but are also available for the backyard enthusiast. Choose from grommets or a golf tube mount which works with a standard pin.

Custom Items That Aren't Flags or Banners

Table Bases

Table bases aren't banners, they are an accessory for stick flags. We offer custom table bases for either stock or custom stick flags. Choose the size, shape and number of flags to be displayed and we'll create a perfect base for you.

Floor Stands

Gettysburg Flag Works has become the American source for custom floor stands. We offer stunning "museum quality" wooden floor stands and folding metal stands for military offices, big events and even for the United Nations.

Lapel Pins

We started with flag pins , and have expanded our pin offering to include lapel pins of all shapes and sizes. Our American manufacturing facility uses beautiful materials and craftsmanship to create a keepsake with your artwork or logo.

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  3. Heavy Duty Polyester (1)
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  7. Plastic (1)
  8. Metal (1)
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