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Avenue Banner Banding Hardware

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Stainless Steel Mounting Straps for Avenue Banners

Avenue banners are typically mounted to utility poles along city streets, across college campuses, and in parking lots of shopping centers, amusement parks, stadiums and other event venues. These flags require special hardware that allows the banner to remain open and still, so the text and images are visible from both sides at all times.

Our Avenue Banner Hardware Sets include everything you need to mount an avenue banner to a utility pole, but we also sell individual Stainless Steel Mounting Straps should you need a replacement or a longer length strap to accommodate thicker poles.

Avenue Banner Mounting Straps for Poles up to 11” in Diameter

Our Stainless Steel Quick-Release Mounting Strap is 40” in length and fits poles up to 11” in diameter. The metal banding secures the avenue banner bracket to the pole with an adjustment screw, and can be cut to length once in place.

Avenue Banner Mounting Straps for Poles up to 16” in Diameter

Our Stainless-Steel Mounting Strap is available in various lengths to accommodate poles between 8.5” and 16” in diameter. Each stainless-steel band includes an adjustment screw for securing the avenue banner bracket to the pole.

More Avenue Banner Replacement Parts

We carry a full line of replacement parts for mounting avenue banners, including Avenue Banner Replacement Brackets and Aluminum Avenue Banner Replacement Pole Arms.

For questions about our commercial flagpole hardware, contact us online, or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 to place an order by phone.