Custom flags for organizations

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Flags Bring People Together

A custom flag or banner represents pride and brings communities of people together. It could be a physical community like a town or village, a club, a school or even your family that is represented by your new custom flag. We're proud to help the communities around us tell the world what they are proud of!

Personal flags are the hottest new trend in flags. With the ability to print large designs and photos onto fabric, came the demand for family crest flags, pet banners, and even marriage proposals by flag! When it's time to make your next event or space even more personal, give us a call. We're proud to offer beautiful flags and banners to meet your special needs.

How Civil Services Use Flags

Police departments , fire companies and other emergency services have a special use for flags that it unique to their type of organization. Flags, banners and sashes are used to show off their pride during parades, ceremonies and at funerals. For professional and volunteer emergency providers, the flag is a symbol of all that they do to serve and protect their communities.

Casket drapes and color guard flags are often an important part of a funeral during the final farewell to a beloved member of the service. Many departments display grave markers and stick flags at departed members graves each year to honor their service and sacrifice.

Custom Flags for Advertising

For business, clubs and organizations, flags and banners are more than a display of shared pride, they can be a way of advertising their services and recruiting new members. Whether you need an indoor wall banner for your conference room, a fringed flag for the president's office or feather flags to bring in customers, Gettysburg Flag Works is here to help.

Custom avenue banners are also popular for advertising. Sponsored banners can be displayed around town, along a driveway or in the parking lot for a long-term advertising presence.

If you're having a hard time deciding what type of flag or banner will work best for you, please give us a call. Our expert sales staff will share their experience and get you the perfect item for your needs.