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In-Ground Flagpole Locks & Anti-Theft Devices

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Anti-Theft Flagpole Hardware

Flag theft and vandalism is a real problem in some areas. If you are worried about your flag being vulnerable or if you've ever had a flag stolen, then you'll appreciate the options available to lock and secure your flagpole.

Flagpole Security Hardware & Locks for Existing Flagpoles

If you're retrofitting an existing flagpole, we've got hardware that will offer the safety and security you're looking for.

Flagpole Halyard Security: Halyard Covers & Cleat Box Covers

In-Ground flagpoles and outrigger flagpoles can be protected from theft and vandalism with the use of a halyard cover and locking cleat box covers. To use this system, you'll need to measure the diameter of your flagpole and you'll need to choose how high you'd like to cover the halyard. Covers can mount to your curved pole surface or to the wall int he case of an outrigger pole. By locking the box, you'll reduce access to the halyard to only key holders.

Need to replace a damaged halyard? You can browse our selection of flagpole halyards, ropes and cables here.

Flagpole Locks

Looking to add a lock to your in-ground flagpole to make it more secure? We've got you covered. We carry M-winch locks and keys as well as locks and keys for cleat cover boxes.

Need a replacement key for your internal halyard flagpole? We have those as well. Find spare or replacement keys for flagpoles with internal halyards here.

Secure In-Ground Flagpoles

If you're in the market for a new flagpole, we recommend an internal halyard pole which reduces access to only key holders.

Internal halyard flagpoles are designed to be anti-theft without any additional hardware. By securing the hardware within the pole, your chance of having the flag stolen or vandalized becomes very slim. This type of flagpole has a door a few feet above the ground for raising and lowering the flag. Smaller versions have a halyard inside that can be raised or lowered by hand. Larger internal halyard flagpoles require a winch handle to move the flag up and down the pole. This is because the flags are much heavier and because they are on a wire cable instead of a soft halyard (rope).

Internal halyard flagpoles are available in aluminum or fiberglass and in a variety of heights. You can browse our full selection of in-ground flagpoles here.

Anti-Theft Flagpole Hardware You Can Rely On

Keep your flags and flagpoles safe and secure with flagpole locks and anti-theft devices from Gettysburg Flag Works.

Not sure what hardware you need to secure your current flagpole? Looking to upgrade your flagpole security but unsure of what you need to do so? We can help! Our team of flag experts can review your current flag display set up and help you determine which flagpole lock, cleat cover, or halyard cover is best for your specific situation. We can also recommend a new, secure internal halyard flagpole that might suit your needs.

Give us a call today at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online to get the conversation started.