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Awareness Flags And Banners

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Awareness Flags, Pride Flags & More

LGBTQ+ Pride Flags

The Original Rainbow Flag has been a symbol of gay pride since 1978, and is widely flown during Pride Month each June, as well as throughout the year. We also carry the 6-stripe Rainbow Flag, a Rainbow Garden Flag, a Vertical Rainbow Banner, Rainbow Parade Sashes and the New Glory Rainbow Flag. Since 1978, the gay pride movement has evolved to include the greater LGBTQ+ community, giving birth to several additional pride flags, including the Bi-Sexual Pride Flag, the Transgender Pride (Helms) Flag, the Transgender Pellinen Flag. Shop all LGBTQ+ Pride Flags.

African American Pride Flags

Our African American Pride Flags are flown year-round, but they are particularly popular during Black History Month, which is celebrated each February. Choose from the Afro-American (Pan African) Flag or the Juneteenth Flag to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States.

Autism Awareness Flags

Celebrate World Autism Month each April with our Autism Awareness Flags, and help increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Choose from the Autism Awareness Banner, the Autism Awareness Flag, or our Autism “Together We Can Solve the Puzzle” Garden Flag, all of which feature the colorful jigsaw puzzle ribbon associated with autism awareness.

Cancer Awareness Flags

The pink ribbon has become synonymous with the month of October, and it’s featured prominently on our Breast Cancer Awareness Flags. Choose from the traditional design Pink Ribbon Flag or the “Strength, Courage, Love & Hope” Breast Cancer Flag.

Earth & Environmental Flags

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22, but saving the planet and protecting our environment is a year-round initiative. Show your appreciation for Mother Earth with our Blue Earth Flag or Outdoor Earth Flag on a White Background, and raise awareness for environmental protection and earth-friendly practices with our Ecology Flag. Shop all Earth & Environmental Flags.

How to Order Awareness Flags & Pride Flags

Gettysburg Flag Works carries an extensive collection of Pride and Awareness Flags for a variety of groups and causes. All of our Awareness Flags and Pride Flags can be purchased online through our website, but if you’re having trouble locating a particular awareness flag, contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524. We’re happy to assist with your search, and can even create a custom flag if we don’t have what you need.