Commercial Flagpoles Including Wall Mounts and Avenue Banners

Outrigger Commercial Flagpoles for Advertising City Businesses

Outrigger flagpoles are a staple in most cityscapes. When a building doesn't have room out front for a traditional in-ground flagpole, outrigger brackets and flagpoles are the solution. This style of flagpole just out off the front of the building above the sidewalk or off a corner of a building. They offer a place to advertise and decorate a building that might otherwise blend in.

Most outrigger flagpoles are displayed in groups. Typically an American flag is displayed alongside a custom company flag, state flag or municipality flag to help personalize the building facade.

Avenue Banner Flagpoles for Parking Lots or Streets

Avenue banners are a great way to brighten up a commercial parking lot or the Main Street of town. The brackets, flagpoles and other hardware gets attached to a telephone or light pole and can be left as a permanent fixture. Switching banners for the season or holiday can easily be done and will create a whole new look with minimal expense.

Shopping districts and Chambers of Commerce have found that advertising space on Avenue banners are great for business and also create a revenue source year-round. Sponsor banners can be made with each business' logo or message and can be displayed outside for pedestrians and shoppers to see.

Wall Mount Commercial Flagpoles for Big Box Stores

The wall mount commercial flagpole is the city answer to a standard in-ground flagpole. This type of flagpole is mounted to the wall of a building with 2 brackets. It's similar to an outrigger flagpole but this one stands vertically and the flag is displayed above the building. We typically see this type of flagpole at big box stores where they don't want to install an in-ground flagpole in the parking lot. Raising and lowering the flag on a wall mount flagpole is similar to an in-ground pole or and outrigger flagpole. Each pole has a halyard and clips that hold the flag at the top of the flagpole. A cleat, mounted to the wall, holds the bottom excess halyard. We recommend installing a cleat box cover and halyard cover for security on this style of flagpole.

In Need of a Commercial Flagpole?

Have questions about any of our commercial flagpoles? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 and speak with a Gettysburg Flag Representative today! Or, contact us online and we'll get right back to you with the information you're looking for.

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