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US Army Flags, Banners & Accessories from Gettysburg Flag Works

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US Army Flags Made in the USA

Flying a military flag is a great way to show your support for those who protect our country. Whether you're a veteran, a soldier, a family member of someone who serves, or simply a prideful citizen, Gettysburg Flag Works has the military flags you need to demonstrate your pride for our American heroes.

Show Your Pride with an Army Flag

Looking for Army flags? We have dozens of different US Army flags for sale in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. From traditional Army flags to retired Army flags, Army Engineer flags and Army National Guard flags, we have them all!

The History of the Army Flag

This US Army flag became official on June 13, 1956. Then Vice President Richard Nixon presented it to Secretary of the Army Wilber M. Brucker. Until then, various elements of the Army, from groups and corps to separate battalions had their own flags, but none had served for the Army as a whole.

The US Army Flag Design

The Army flag was designed by the Heraldic Branch, Office of Research and Engineering, and the Office of the Quartermaster General. The flag is made of white, with a blue replica of the official seal of the War Office.

The seal of the War Office is described as follows: a cannon in front of a drum with two drumsticks; below the cannon three cannon balls, a mortar on a trunion and below the mortar, two powder flasks. In the center a Roman breastplate over a jupon (leather jacket). Above the breastplate rises a plain sword with the pommel and guard supporting a Phrygin cap (traditional symbol of liberty) between an esponton (pike) and an organizational color on one side and a musket with a fixed bayonet and the National color on the other side. Above is a rattlesnake holding in its mouth a scroll inscribed, "This We'll Defend."

Beneath the seal is a scarlet scroll with the words, "United States Army" in white letters. The number "1775", the year in which the Army was created, appears beneath the scroll.

Other Types of Army Flags

In addition to the traditional US Army Flag featuring the official seal, there are other flags that are associated with the US Army.

US Army Star Flags

The US Army Star flag has become one of the most recognizable flags associated with the Army. This flag features a white star outlined in gold on a black background.

Army National Guard Flags

We carry a variety of Army National Guard flags, including stick flags, motorcycle flags, indoor flags and outdoor flags.

Army Engineer Flags

Showcase the Army Corps of Engineers with a flag! The Army Engineers flag features a castle with 3 towers on a red background and celebrates the long, proud history of the Army Engineers.

Army Retired Flags

Want to fly a visible reminder of your or a loved one’s commitment to the US Army and celebrate the time they served? A Army Retired flag is a terrific option. This flag design features a green background and is made of all-weather nylon. It’s a high quality US Army flag you can fly with pride for the long-term.

Army Officer & Division Flags

Looking for something a bit more specific when it comes to displaying your support for the US Army? An Army Officer flag or Division flag might be the perfect thing. These flags’ designs vary based on rank and division, but are durable and made to last just like our other US Army flags.

Purchase Your Army Flag Today!

Show your Army pride! Browse our selection of Army flags, then place your order today!

Need help locating the US Army flag you’re looking for? Have questions about our Army flags? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction!