We Support our Troops Flag and Yellow Ribbon Banner

We Support Our Troops Flag and Support Our Troops Flags from Gettysburg Flag Works

Support Our Troops flags are featured by Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. also offers over a dozen of Support our Troops flags, banners and other similarly themed items. Support Our Troop flags are inspiring and engage the viewer with a call to action, to Support Our Troops. We Support Our Troops flags will have the words "We Support Our Troops" printed on the flags, while Support Our Troop flags will sometimes just display a yellow ribbon on the flag or banner.

This area not only has the We Support Our Troops flag, it also features a Support Our Troops streamer , a World War II Commemorative flag , and the newer Wounded Warrior flag. One of our favorites is the Support Our Troops flag with the Bald Eagle.

About Our Yellow Ribbon Banner

Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. also provides a yellow ribbon banner in several designs, each one from a different source. The yellow ribbon and yellow ribbon banner were popularized during the Iraq War. The yellow ribbon theme is offered in several products. These include the indoor yellow ribbon banner, the outdoor yellow ribbon banner, and the yellow ribbon bow. The yellow ribbon theme is also available as a yellow ribbon magnet and a yellow ribbon flag.

Other Items and Uses

In addition to a yellow ribbon banner , a yellow ribbon, and an outdoor yellow ribbon , there are several other items within this theme. They include hand held flags with a yellow ribbon design, window clings with the yellow ribbon design, and magnets with the yellow ribbon design. The are often seen on vehicles, and on file cabinets where people work. The outdoor yellow ribbon is often seen tied around the "old oak tree". Outdoor yellow ribbon bows have also been found attached to outdoor light poles and telephone poles.

The Service Star banner is also in the same theme as Support Our Troops flag. The We Support Our Troops flag is often used in parades.

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