Religious Flags And Banners

Religious Flags And Banners

We are very proud to offer a wide variety of religious flags for sale. Banners and flags for your church, synagogue or chapel are available in indoor or outdoor flags, banners for mounting on the wall and even stick flags for table top display. If you don't see the church flag or other religious banner that you are looking for, we are happy to create a custom religious flag to meet your needs. In addition to custom flags , we also offer Israel flags, Zion flag, papal flag, Vatican flags and a variety of christian flags.

Outdoor Religion Flags

We recommend a high quality nylon outdoor flag for display on a flagpole outside your church or synagogue. Nylon offers a beautiful flutter in light winds and dries quickly after a rain. High quality outdoor church flags are available in sizes from 2x3' up to and beyond 6x10' and typically have grommets for mounting. Flagpoles and hardware are also available for purchase.

In addition to a flag on your flagpole, many churches and religious organizations like to decorate with custom avenue banners in the parking lot or along the driveway. Avenue banners offer and opportunity to celebrate seasons and holidays outdoors, where neighbors and passers by can enjoy them.

Sanctuary Flags for Churches and Other Places of Worship

Most churches and places of worship have presentation sets on or near the altar. Typically, one displays the American flag and the other is the flag of the church's denomination. Each of our religious flags is available with fringe as a sanctuary flag. Order the complete presentation set for a beautiful display without the hassle of choosing individual parts.

Gettysburg Flag Works is also proud to offer custom church sanctuary wall banners . Custom banners can be printed or sewn (applique) in any size. Call or submit a quote request form for pricing on your new worship banner.

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