How to Display the American Flag Outdoors

Displaying an American Flag Outside my House

Flag Display Order Infographic

On a pole attached to the wall

Hang flag at the top of a pole either horizontally or diagonally from the wall with any other flags below it on the same staff or another staff at the same level or lower.

When displaying the American flag with other flags, if all flags are the same height, the US flag should farthest to the left (on its own right).

On a horizontal rope from a building

Hang flag vertically with the canton farthest from the building.

The union, or star field, should always be at the top and should be on the flag's own right (the viewer's left).

When being hung over a street, the union should ideally point north or east.

For more information about hanging an American flag vertically outdoors, check out the infographic to the right.

Displaying an American Flag Outside on a Flagpole

Flag Display Order Infographic

More than one flag on a pole

The American Flag should always fly above other flags and should be the same size or larger than the others.

Flag etiquette is that no international flag should be flown on these same pole as the US Flag. State and military flags can be flown lower than the US Flag, but not in a larger size.

Flying more than one Flag Infographic

One flag each on many poles

The U.S. flag should always fly on its own right. When flying with other flags of the world, all flags should be the same size and fly at the same height as the others.

For more details about how to display multiple flags together, check out the infographic to the right.

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Displaying an American Flag Outdoors at Night

Many flag owners wonder: Can I leave my American flag out at night?

The American flag should always fly in light. If you can see the flag clearly either by mounting a solar flagpole light directed towards it or because of street lights or house lights, then it can remain outside during the night. Otherwise, you should bring it inside.

It may also be economical to bring your flag in during harsh weather to save it from excessive tearing. Most flags are considered all-weather. However, a two-ply polyester American flag is the industry's strongest and longest-lasting flag available.

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