Residential Flagpole Unfurl Hardware

An unfurl device is used to keep your flag from tangling up

There's nothing more frustrating than putting up a beautiful American flag and seeing the wind tangle it around your flagpole. Flags are meant to fly freely in the wind. Depending on your location and the flagpole hardware that you've used, an additional device may be needed to solve this problem.

Types of unfurl devices

The unfurling action depends on the device used. On smaller house-mount flagpoles they typically come in either a flagpole that spins on it's own or as an attachment that spins around the outside of the pole which the flag is attached to. Neither device keeps the flag from flapping up over the pole, but both will allow the flag to fall down correctly after it does so.

Unfurl options for larger flagpoles

Large outrigger flagpoles as seen on commercial or city buildings typically use a non-tangle rod which keeps the flag weighted down so that it can't swing up and tangle around the hardware, supporting wires or flagpole. A vertical in-ground or building mounted flagpole may benefit from a rotating truck if installed where the winds often change direction. In this case the truck at the top of the flagpole will swing around in the direction of the wind when the flag is pulled in that direction.

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