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Residential Flagpole Unfurl Hardware

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Keep Your Flag from Tangling with Unfurl Hardware

There's nothing more frustrating than displaying a beautiful American flag and then watching it get tangled around the flagpole. Flags are meant to fly freely in the wind. However, depending on your location and the type of flagpole you’ve selected, unfurl hardware may be needed to prevent your flag from tangling.

Types of Hardware to Stop Your Flag From Tangling

While Spinning Flagpoles are designed to prevent flags from tangling, there are also rings, fasteners and tubes that can be used with your stationary flagpole to achieve the same effect. Both spinning flagpoles and these separate attachments won’t stop the wind from blowing the flag over the pole, but they will allow it to spin freely around the pole without getting tangled.

Anti-Furl Kit for Flags with Sleeves or Grommets

Our NeverFurl Kit is easy to install and includes everything you need to stop your flag from getting stuck around the pole. It can be used with both sleeved flags and grommeted flags. We also carry NeverFurl Kit Replacement Rings, in the event one is lost or damaged.

Anti-Tangle Tubes, Rings & Fasteners for Grommeted Flags

For flags with grommet holes, we also recommend our Unfurl Tube. This clear plastic tube comes with hardware to attach it to any one-inch diameter pole, as well as reusable zip ties that are slipped through the grommet holes of the flag and then around the tube. Once assembled, the Unfurl Tube and flag will simply roll around the pole in the wind.

Our Spinning Flag Fasteners also make it easy to turn a single-piece flagpole into a spinning pole. These rings are ideal for wooden and fiberglass flagpoles up to 1.25” in diameter. Simply attach the rings to the pole with the supplied screw, and attach your flag to the rings with the metal j-hook spring clip. Then watch as the wind carries your flag up and over the other side of the pole without tangling.

More Flagpole Hardware

In addition to anti-furl hardware, we carry a wide selection of hardware and accessories for mounting and displaying your flags. Browse our selection of Residential Flagpoles, Mounting Brackets and Flagpole Finials & Toppers. You can also contact us online or call us at 1-888-697-3524 with questions, or to place an order by phone.