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Open Flags: Durable, Wind-Resistant Open Flags For Shops & Businesses

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Open Flags for Businesses

Is your store getting less business than you had hoped? Perhaps you need something with more visibility than your window sign to draw customers in? An open flag may be just the thing for you!

Standard Open Flags

Our standard open flags come with three stripes of red, white, and blue and are available in 2x3 or 3x5 feet. Made of high quality nylon, these open flags will flutter in the wind and look great while they do. The nylon colors are bright and will stay bright even if you keep them out in the sun.

There are 2 different construction options available for our open flags. You can get a single reverse open flag, which is a single piece of fabric with the “open” reading correct on one side and reversed on the other. The second option is double sided, where the “open” will read correctly on both sides. Check out the complete open flag sets if you also need the hardware for mounting your new open flag to the front of your building.

Open Flag Variations

If you find yourself wanting something other than our standard red, white and blue open flags, consider some of the variations that are available. For instance, there are Irish open flags, perfect for restaurants or bars. Grand opening flags and banners are available for when your dream business finally opens to the public. And there are many more stock variations on our site.

Want to use your company logo color or something that matches the exterior of your building for your open flag? If so, be sure to check out our customized open flags! You can choose from a wide variety of nylon colors for you new open flag.

Other Options: Open Pennants, Banners & Feather Flags

Open pennants on a rope and large vinyl banners are also a great way to bring attention to your business. Check out our stock designs or have a custom one made. Open feather flags are also a popular item for a business with room to display a flagpole near the road for attention.

Customized Open Flags

Have something in mind that will set you apart from all the rest when it comes to an open flag? If you're looking to create something completely unique, we'd be happy to help! Our experienced team can help you create a custom open flag based on your concept and specifications. You have the option to feature your business name, images, photos, and just about anything else you think of, all with colors customized to meet your specifications thanks to our digital printing process.

Check out our full portfolio of custom flags here for some inspiration, then request a custom quote if you're interested in learning more about creating a customized open flag for your business!

Find the Perfect Open Flag for Your Business at Gettysburg Flag Works!

We are proud to carry a wide variety of open flags, banners and pennants, and to offer completely customizable open flag options to the clients and customers we serve! If you're looking for an open flag, we're confident that we can help you find the ideal one for your organization!

Need some help finding the right open flag, or have questions about designing your own? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to help!

Looking for additional flag products to help you display your new open flag? We've got you covered there, too! Be sure to check out our selection of wall or post mount flagpoles as well as our post and wall mounting hardware.