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Religious Flag Sets

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Indoor Religious Flag Sets for Churches, Synagogues & Parochial Schools

Our religious flag sets provide a decorative touch inside churches and temples, and are often displayed in the auditoriums or lobbies of both Jewish and Christian Academies.

Each set features the religious flag of your choice, complete with decorative cord and tassel, and comes with everything you need for an indoor flag display, including a two-piece hardwood flagpole with a polished brass joint, a finial and floor stand base.

We offer religious flag sets for several church denominations, including an Episcopal Indoor Flag Set, a Presbyterian Indoor Flag Set, a United Methodist Indoor Flag Set, a United Church of Christ Indoor Flag Set, a Christian Indoor Flag Set and the Vatican City Papal Flag Set. We also carry an Israel Indoor Flag set for synagogues, temples and other Jewish organizations.

How to Order a Customized Religious Flag Set

After selecting the religious flag set of your choice, use the drop down menu to choose the desired flag size and pole height. Most flags are available in 3x5’ and 4x6’ sizes with Oak poles measuring 8’ or 9’. In some instances, you may also have the option to add gold fringe to the flag.

Depending on the set you choose, it will include either a Gold Anodized Endura floor stand or a 2lb. Gold ABS plastic floor stand with a plug on the bottom for adding more weight. The Christian flag sets include a cross finial, while the Jewish flag sets feature a Star of David finial.

How to Use Your Religious Flag for Processions & Parades

The religious flags in our flag sets can also be used for parades and processions simply by removing the flagpole from its floor stand, and leaving the flag attached. For ease of carrying, we recommend a Leather Parade Harness Belt or a Nylon Parade Harness Belt to help distribute the weight across your shoulders.

More Religious Flags & Banners

In addition to our Religious Indoor Flag Sets, we carry a large selection of high-quality Outdoor Religious Flags, as well as all the flag hardware needed for display. Gettysburg Flag Works is also proud to offer Custom Church Flags, which can be printed or sewn (applique) in any size.

For more information about our Religious Flags and Flag Sets, please contact us online or call 1-888-697-3524.