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Join or Die Flag - Choose Size

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Flag based representation of historic "Join, or Die" cartoon

  • Choose from various sizes
  • Durable All-Weather Nylon
  • Digitally printed, single-reverse with four rows reinforced stitching for durability
  • Canvas header & brass grommet attachment
  • Made in USA

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"Join Or Die" Flag Information

Based on political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin, the Join or Die design is an iconic image of the years leading up to the American Revolutionary War. Many took to the design as a protest against the Stamp Act imposed by British rule. Today we see it as a symbol to unify against tyranny of all types. This flag serves as a way to show off the distinctive design in everyday use, and is the first of many historical snake figures you can get here at Gettysburg Flag Works.

Key Features of Our "Join Or Die" flag

  • Fade resistant dyes that are bright and long lasting for the best looking flag possible.
  • Fast and reliable shipping you get to choose! Get your Join or Die flag made and shipped out as fast as today depending on availability
  • Bright-White, High end canvas header for the most secure hold on your flag pole!
  • 4 Rows of Reinforced stitching gives this flag the longest life possible, making your dollar go farther than ever before
  • Securing American jobs with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the grommet! Entirely manufactured in the USA.

”Join or Die” Flag Size Recommendations

  • 12x18” - Used on boats, wall decoration or on stick flags for celebrations
  • 2x3’ - A smaller flag size usually used on large boats, RV’s or small flag poles
  • 3x5’ - The most common flag size. Used on 6' house-mounted poles or in-ground poles up to 20' tall
  • Need a bigger or custom American flag? Contact us for assistance on making you your perfect American flag
  • Header and Grommet style - This is the most popular way to attach a flag and is used on house mounted poles and in-ground flag poles. Generally made of brass and connected via snap clip or plastic grommet rings like our rotating spinning pole.

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Make your historical collection with other iconic snake symbol flags like the lovely rattlesnake found on the Gadsden flag! There is also snake imagery on the First Navy Jack ever used and the Culpeper flag. another highly liked revolutionary era flag design. The "Join or Die" Flag complements our Betsy Ross Flag because they represent pivotal moments in America's fight for independence. Enhance your display with our Patriotic Quote indoor banners, featuring the inspiring words from Benjamin Franklin, who originally designed the "Join or Die" cartoon. Explore our Colonial Era Flags, including the Liberty Tree Flag and Grand Union Flag, to capture the full spectrum of revolutionary spirit. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted to honor the rich history and enduring values of the American Revolution. That's why we can't wait to get yours to you today!

About the "Join or Die" Flag Design

Embrace a powerful piece of American history with our "Join or Die" Flag. Originally created by Benjamin Franklin in 1754, this iconic design features a segmented snake, symbolizing the disunity of the American colonies. The flag has a bold slogan, "Join or Die," which was used to rally the colonies to unite against external threats and ultimately played a significant role in fostering a sense of shared identity and purpose. Made from high-quality, durable materials, our flag is perfect for both indoor display and outdoor use. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a patriot, or someone who appreciates the symbolism of unity and strength, the "Join or Die" Flag is a great addition to your collection. Celebrate the legacy of the American founders that helped shape a nation with this flag1

Not sure which durable American flag option will work best for you? Give our flag experts a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

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