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Non-Tangle Hardware for Commercial Flagpoles

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Anti-Tangle Hardware for Commercial Outrigger Flagpoles

Similar to a residential wall mounted flag, the wind can wrap or tangle flags around commercial building-mounted outrigger flagpoles. Our Light-Duty Non-Tangle Rod and Heavy-Duty Non-Tangle Rod are specifically designed for commercial outrigger flagpoles. When used correctly, these anti-tangle rods minimize the snagging, allowing your flag to fly freely and keeping the streetscape looking clean.

Light-Duty Non-Tangle Rod

Our Light-Duty Non-Tangle Rod is made of stainless steel and includes vinyl clamps for use on commercial outrigger flagpoles. It is sold in various lengths, depending on the size of your flag. The 7 foot pole is designed for flags measuring 8x12 feet or larger, the 4 foot rod for 5x8 to 6x10 foot flags, and the 2.5 foot rod is ideal for flags between 3x5 and 4x6 feet.

Heavy-Duty Non-Tangle Rod

Our Heavy-Duty Non-Tangle Rod for outrigger flagpoles is also made of stainless steel, however, it includes solid alloy fittings that attach to the flag grommets. These anti-tangle rods are also available in various lengths depending on your flag size. We strongly recommend using reinforced patch stitching where the flag will be clamped, so the weight and stress of the non-tangle rod do not tear the flag.

How to Order Our Anti-Tangle Flag Hardware

Once you’ve determined the size of your flag, you can order our anti-tangle rods online by choosing the correct length rod from the dropdown menu. Oversized shipping rates apply to our 6 foot and 7 foot rods. For questions about our anti-tangle hardware, you can contact us online, or call 1-888-697-3524 to speak with a flag expert and place an order by phone.