Car, Bike, And Boat Flagpoles

Car flag pole

Looking to attach a flag to your vehicle? Gettysburg Flag Works offers a flagpole bracket for attaching a flag to your car window. This is a plastic staff attached to a plastic bracket which clips to the top of your car window. Simply roll up the window and your flag is secure.

If you are taking your vehicle in a parade, you probably don't want your windows rolled up. For parade speeds we offer a fender flag pole. It can clamp on or attach with a magnet to either the front or back of your vehicle for the procession. Don't forget to pick up some parade sashes to complete the look!

Looking for a big flagpole for tailgating or camping? Out telescoping flag pole is a perfect solution. This flag pole can be used with a hitch mount, tire mount, RV bracket or even on your boat dock. It folds down for easy storage and transport and includes hardware to fly one or two flags at a time.

Motorcycle and Bike flag poles

Motorcycle flags are attached to the bike using a bracket and staff. Ours are all aluminum which is very durable and won't rust. They attach behind the license plate and will work with most motorcycles.

Also check out our hide-a-pole for a collapsable solution. This pole collapses down to fit into your saddlebag for use at Patriot Guard events and other patriotic gatherings.

Bike flag poles are great for safety, advertising and fun! Our bike flag pole is a 6' tall fiberglass rod, called a whiprod, which flexes in the wind, creating a dramatic display. Shop bike flags here.

Boat flagpole

Attach a flag to your boat with our chrome and aluminum boat flag bracket. It easily displays a boat flag up to 16x24" with grommets.

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