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American State, Territory and City flags

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Flags in the United States of America

The United States of America is in love with flags. We fly our American flag from homes and businesses, on tall flagpoles, from car antennas and wave them at parades. America is known around the world as the most patriotic country. That probably why we've also got flags for every entity within the US. Every state and territory of the USA has their own flag. Most cities and counties too. Even smaller municipalities, towns, villages, and communities have their own flags.

Flags in American each tell a story. State flags often tell the story of who discovered the state, what industries keep it running, or of when the state joined the Union. Others celebrate the natural beauty of the land and water.

Some flags, like the Georgia state flag, change with history. The original flag of the State of Georgia included the Confederate flag in the design. In an effort to reflect more of the states history, it was changed in 2001 to include several other historical flags and the state seal. That design was replaced with a more socially acceptable design (leaving out the Confederate symbols) in 2003.

One flag that pays homage to a state's history without needing a change is the Oklahoma State flag. Centered on the blue flag is the Osage shield, a Native American symbol, with the olive branch symbolizing peace.

City And Other Municipality Flags

Like their state counterparts, city, town and other municipality flags often honor their past or the riches found within their borders. The often incorporate state flag colors and symbols as well. Some even incorporate foreign symbolism to honor the heritage of the people living there.

The City of Albany, NY flag is a good example of historical symbols on a municipal flag. It's stripe colors honor the Dutch heritage of many Albany area residents and the festivities and architecture of the city still reflects it's early settlers. The city coat of arms is centered on the city flag's center stripe and features a farmer, an American indian, a beaver, a sailing ship, and the city motto of assiduity. Each element speaks to a part of capital city's rich history.

About County and Territory Flags

The territory flags in the United States are actually very popular flags, although you may not think of them as such. If you live in or around Washington D.C., though, you probably see the District of Columbia flag every day. If you've got a neighbor with Puerto Rican heritage you may also see their territory flag displayed proudly from the home or hanging from the rear view mirror in their car. Guam and the American Virgin Islands also have beautiful territory flags, stickers, banners and lapel pins available.

County flags are, perhaps, less known that either state or city flags but also have their place. Many of these municipalities fly flags at facilities and parks.