Wall or Post Mount Flagpoles

Flag Poles For Sale

Gettysburg Flag Works is proud to offer a variety of flag poles for sale. Each item in this selection is designed to mount to a wall, roof, fence or street light pole. Each flag pole is made to fit into a bracket that is specially made for outdoor durability.

Flag Poles for Home

Many of these flagpoles are residential styles. They are 5, 6 or even 8' long and are made to mount to the front of your home or porch with a residential bracket. Residential flagpoles are available in wood, aluminum or fiberglass and can be found in black, white, silver, gold or wood grain finishes.

Business Flagpoles

Flagpoles for mounting to the front or roof of your commercial building are made of Aluminum. An outrigger flagpole extends off the front of the building at an angle and the flag is maintained from the ground. Roof top flagpoles fit into a bracket that mounts to a flat roof and works similarly to an in-trough flagpole. You would need to be on the roof to maintain this flag. A vertical wall mount flagpole acts like a cross between the two. This is mounted to the side of a building but holds the flag above the building on a vertical pole. Changing this flag would be done from the ground.

Avenue banners are displayed on an aluminum or fiberglass arm that fits into a bracket mounted to a telephone or light pole. These are usually displayed along a street or in a parking lot. Hardware can be purchased separately or as kits.

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  1. Commercial Flagpoles (11)
  2. Residential Flagpoles (15)
Flag Size
  1. House Banner (8)
  2. 2x3' (9)
  3. 2.5x4' (9)
  4. 3x5' (8)
  5. 4x6' (3)
  6. Avenue (2)
  1. 5' (7)
  2. 6' (13)
  3. 7' (5)
  4. 8' (4)
  5. 9' (7)
  6. 10' (7)
  7. 12' (2)
  1. Grommets (14)
  2. Sleeve (13)
  3. D-Rings (6)
  4. Ropes & Thimbles (5)
  5. Freestanding (1)
  1. Plastic (1)
  2. Wood (5)
  3. Aluminum (11)
  4. Fiberglass (1)
  5. Brass (1)
  1. 3/4" (4)
  2. 7/8" (1)
  3. 15/16" (1)
  4. 1" (7)
  5. 1-1/2" (7)
  1. Business Needs (5)

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