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Flagpole Pulleys & Replacement Parts

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When it's time to replace the hardware on your in-ground flagpole’s halyard system, Gettysburg Flag Works carries a variety of high-quality, durable flagpole pulleys and replacement wheels, including Eyebolt Flagpole Pulleys, Vertical Mount Flagpole Pulleys, Fixed Eyelet Flagpole Pulleys and Swivel Eyelet Flagpole Pulleys.

Eyebolt & Flagpole Pulleys

Eyebolt pulleys are ideal for mounting to a flagpole or hollow structure, and can be used to replace a worn or damaged pulley, or to retrofit a flagpole with a halyard system. Choose from our Deluxe Eyebolt Pulley with stainless steel housing or the Standard Eyebolt Pulley with zinc housing.

Vertical Mount Flagpole Pulleys

Our Vertical Mount Flagpole Pulleys can easily be bolted, screwed or even banded to a flagpole, as well as buildings, telephone poles and other structures. Each vertical mount flagpole pulley is made in the USA of cast aluminum construction with a nylon wheel. Choose from a variety of finishes, including black, white, bronze and silver.

Eyelet Flagpole Pulleys

If you only need to replace the pulley and not the eyebolt or fastener, our eyelet flagpole pulleys are the perfect solution. You can get the Swivel Eyelet Flagpole Pulley with a nickel-plated iron casing and brass allow wheel for halyards up to 5/16”.

Replacement Wheels for Flagpole Pulleys

Our Replacement Wheels for flagpole truck pulley assemblies are available in nylon or aluminum, and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate halyard (rope) diameters up to 3.75”.

When to Replace Your Flagpole Pulley & Halyard System

We recommend checking your flagpole pulley and halyard system throughout the year, and replacing them regularly, as worn parts can fail and cause damage to both your flag and the flagpole. If you need help locating or replacing a flagpole pulley or other in-ground flagpole parts, give our flag experts a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to assist you.