Hardware for Sectional or Telescoping Flagpoles

Replacement Sectional and Telescoping Parts

Gettysburg Flag Works not only offers a variety of budget friendly telescoping and sectional poles , but also has a full range of replacement parts for any repairs that need to be made down the road. A sectional flagpole is subject to having a section break during high winds, as it is not engineered to take the stress of large gusts. Telescoping poles work using graduated diameter tubes that lock into place with a push button setting when raised or lowered. Over the normal workload and lifespan of the pole, some of the joints in between the telescoping sections can wear away or crack, leading to pole malfunction.

Luckily, there is readily available replacement flagpole hardware available in the form of new cleats, tapered and un-tapered sections and even trucks or pulleys, depending on your need. For our telescoping flagpoles we offer various replacement rings, buttons and clips to fit whichever diameter you are replacing. Choosing the correct part can be confusing for the residential user, so we urge our customers to contact one of our experts if in doubt. Our flagpole hardware experts will get the the part you need with minimal fuss so you can get your colors flying again.

Other flagpole hardware replacement options

Tired of maintaining the different flagpole hardware on your sectional flag pole or telescoping flagpole? Consider upgrading to a single piece 20’ flagpole in satin aluminum or white fiberglass. Gettysburg Flag Works is proud to offer a wide variety of single piece residential flagpole options from the top manufacturers in the USA. You can learn more by filling out a custom quote form or calling our toll free number and speaking to one of our flagpole professionals.

Customers who purchased sectional flag pole parts or other flagpole hardware also purchased a new American flag for their pole. We have an amazing selection of flags, from Old Glory, to your state flag , to a custom made ensign. Browse our selection for more details!

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