Earth Flag

Show your appreciation for this beautiful planet and your promise to live green and protect it. This flag is made with a beautiful image of the earth from space on a dark blue background. Order yours today!

Description: The Earth flag is a dark blue field charged with The Blue Marble, a famous NASA photo of the Earth as seen from outer space. It is not an official flag of any kind and the image is an actual photo.

History: The first Earth flag used screen-printing and the colors of the Earth were reversed: the ocean was white and the clouds were blue. With only two colors, one color was for clouds and the other color was for both ocean and land. This image of a later Earth flag shows the correct colors.


Celebrate Our Beautiful Planet with a High Quality Earth Flag

Available in a variety of sizes and materials, our Earth flags are a sight to behold! They feature an iconic image of the planet Earth known as the "Blue Marble," which was taken by astronauts aboard the spaceship Apollo 17 in 1972 during their trip towards the moon.

Whether you're celebrating Earth Day or you simply want to show your appreciation for the planet we call home, this flag is a great choice. Order yours today!

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12x18" Nylon gfb05551
2x3' Nylon GFB00006HG
2.5x4' Nylon gfb01350HG
3x5' Nylon GFB00027HG
3x5' Lightweight Polyester crEarthPhoto3x5
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