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Betsy Ross 13 Star Flag

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This 13 star flag attributed to Betsy Ross was created during the Revolutionary War era, and is one of the first iterations of what would become the American flag we know today. Its unique design features a circle of 13 stars in the canton and 13 stripes.

  • Various sizes available
  • Various fabrics available
  • Choose from embroidered/sewn or printed styles
  • Single-reverse with four rows reinforced stitching for durability
  • Choose from canvas header & brass grommet or pole hem with tab attachment
  • Made in USA

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About Betsy Ross' 13 Star American Flag

Among our favorite historical flags is the original American flag. The Betsy Ross Flag has a special spot in our hearts due to its incredible history. You can get the highly recognizable flag today with Gettysburg Flag Works!

Key Features of Our Betsy Ross Flag

  • Vibrant-fade resistant dyes are always used in our prints in order to give you the best looking flag for as long as possible.
  • Fast and reliable shipping you get to choose! The 3x5’ options are available to ship today! Just order before 3:00 ET!
  • High end canvas header and Brass grommets and heavy duty brass grommets for the most secure hold on your flag pole!
  • Perfectly embroidered stars give this flag an elegant circular canton design that you will love!
  • Reinforced stitching gives this flag the longest life possible, making your dollar go farther than ever before.
  • Securing American jobs with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the grommet! Entirely manufactured in the USA.

Betsy Ross Flag Size Recommendations

  • 12x18” - Used on boats, wall decoration or on stick flags for celebrations
  • 2x3’ - A smaller flag size usually used on large boats, RV’s or small flag poles
  • 3x5’ - The most common flag size. Used on 6' house-mounted poles or in-ground poles up to 20' tall
  • 4x6’ - Traditionally used on 25' tall in-ground flagpoles
  • 5x8’ - Made for use on 30' tall in-ground flag poles
  • 6x10’ - Made for use on 35' - 40' tall in-ground flagpoles
  • Pole sleeve and tab options - Usually best for house mounted poles that do not have grommet attachment capabilities. Also used on indoor flag poles where a pole sleeve is necessary.
  • Header and Grommet style - This is the most popular way to attach a flag and is used on house mounted poles and in-ground flag poles. Generally made of brass and connected via snap clip or plastic grommet rings like our rotating spinning pole.
  • Need a version you can’t find? Contact us for assistance on making you your perfect flag

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If you love historic flags, then you’ve come to the right place. The Betsy Ross Flag only scratches the surface of the Historical flag collection we have here at Gettysburg Flag Works. You can get the Betsy Ross stick flag, lapel pin or T-shirt sent out today! And if you don't see what you’re looking for, contact us online so we can get you exactly what you need!

PLEASE NOTE: Select cotton fabric varieties of this flag are manufactured proudly by Annin Flagmakers

About the Betsy Ross Flag

Named for flag maker Elizabeth “Betsy” Ross, the 13 star flag has been in use since 1777 and is a symbol of the Revolutionary War Era. Although the flag is named and attributed to Betsy Ross, the actual origin of the flag's design is still up for debate. Betsy Ross was an upholsterer from Philadelphia. Her grandson, William Canby, claimed that Betsy was the creator of the flag that was adopted by Congress as the national flag on June 14, 1777 - and Betsy’s daughter, niece and granddaughter backed up Canby's claims. However, there is a lack of evidence to prove that it was really Betsy who created the 13 star American flag. Many historians dispute Canby's claim, with some believing that it was in fact Francis Hopkinson who designed the flag. Despite the ongoing debate on who truly created this early American flag, the 13 Star American Flag has been widely attributed to Betsy Ross. In fact, the flag is often referred to as the "Betsy Ross Flag." You can learn more about Betsy Ross and the flag that bears her name here.

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Have Questions About the Betsy Ross 13 Star Flag, or Any Other American Flags?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our flag experts! We'd be happy to share what we know about these important historical flags, and we'll point you in the right direction if you're looking for a specific Revolutionary War flag in our inventory!

Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to assist you!

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