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Gettysburg Flag® Heavy Duty Polyester American Flag

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Made in the USA. Our durable heavy duty polyester is a strong, tear resistant outdoor American flag. The woven 2-ply thread creates a strong, heavy, (almost) canvas like fabric with rich colors. This flag was designed for areas with strong winds. For a durable flag that will fly in a lighter breeze, check out our Battle-Tough American flags.

  • Heavy duty polyester American flag
  • Sewn stripes are lock stitched together (not a chain stitch that unravels)
  • Embroidered stars on flags up to 6x10'
  • Applique stars on 8x12' and larger flags
  • 4 rows of stitching on the fly end for extra durability
  • On flags up to 6x10', canvas header and brass grommets are used for mounting to your outdoor flag pole
  • Several sizes are also available with a pole sleeve for mounting to a house-mount flag pole
  • Flags that are 8x12' and larger mount with metal thimbles and are reinforced with rope through the header for use with weights on larger poles

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The Heavy Duty Outdoor Polyester American Flag

Created with tear resistant 2-ply polyester material, this Heavy Duty American Flag is our 2nd tier polyester flag. The woven 2-ply thread creates the canvas-like fabric with rich colors. For best use, fly in areas with high winds because this flag was designed for maximum strength!

American flag heavy duty polyester flag on Capital records builiding in Los Angeles CA

Key Features of Our Heavy Duty Polyester Flag

  • Layered polyester fabric that strengthens the overall bond of the flag for the highest wind resistance
  • Fast and reliable shipping you get to choose! Get your new polyester American flag shipped out today if you order before 3:00PM ET
  • Our flags are always lock stitched and NEVER chain stitched
  • Bright-white and fully embroidered stars, on all flags up to 6x10'. High end appliqué sewn stars used on flag sizes 12x18’+
  • We use a double stitched unidirectional stitch pattern with thicker thread to reinforce and help guarantee maximum strength while still being able to fly strong
  • Finished with X-box corner stitching, and 4 rows of fly end stitching to give you the most tear resistant American flag possible
  • Solid brass grommets on all flags up to 6x10', for a secure attachment to your flag pole with some sizes available with a pole sleeve
  • American jobs maintained with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the grommet! Entirely manufactured in the USA
American flag for heavy duty use on home house mounted pole

Heavy Duty Polyester Flag Size and Mounting Recommendations

  • 2x3’ - A smaller flag size usually used on large boats, RV’s or small flag poles
  • 2.5x4’ - Best used on 5’ house mounted poles like our 5’ spinning pole
  • 3x5’ - The most common flag size. Used on 6' house-mounted poles or in-ground poles up to 20' tall
  • 4x6’ - Traditionally used on 25' tall in-ground flagpoles
  • 5x8’ - Made for use on 30' tall in-ground flag poles
  • 5x9.5’ - This flag size is primarily folded in American flag cases
  • 6x10’ - Made for use on 35' - 40' tall in-ground flagpoles
  • 8x12’ - The correct sizing for flagpoles between 40’ and 50’
  • 10x15’ - Made to use on flagpoles from 50’ to 60’
  • 12x18’ - The correct size flag for flagpoles between 60’ and 75’
  • 10x15’ - Made to use on flagpoles from 50’ to 60’
  • 10x19’ or 12x18’ - The correct size flag for flagpoles between 60’ and 75’
  • All larger flag sizes can be located on this chart. If you are not sure what size is best for you, please contact us for help making you your perfect American flag
  • Pole sleeve and tab options - Usually best for house mounted poles that do not have grommet attachment capabilities. Also used on indoor flag poles where a pole sleeve is necessary.
  • Header and Grommet style - This is the most popular way to attach a flag and is used on house mounted poles and in-ground flag poles. Generally made of brass and connected via snap clip or plastic grommet rings like our rotating spinning pole
  • ”D” Ring style - Found on some 8x12’ & larger flags, these more durable metal rings attach to larger sized snap clips due to the increased weight of fabric
  • Rope and Thimble - Found on some 8x12’ & larger flags, these more durable metal thimbles attach to larger sized snap clips. A piece of rope is sewn into the header along the pole side of the flag to lend additional strength to the flag when flown
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    American heavy duty flag on mountain top blowing in windy winter environment

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    Not sure which durable American flag option will work best for you? Give our flag experts a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

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