Hungary Flag, Indoor & Outdoor

Beautiful, high-quality nylon Hungary flags for mounting on most flagpoles. Choose your size and mounting type. Made in the USA!


Flying your national flag of Hungary is a display of pride. Here at Gettysburg Flag Works, we understand that. Our Hungary flag is made of durable nylon and fade resistant dyes. The Hungary flag is available in several indoor and outdoor flag sizes. Indoor Hungary flags have gold fringe and mount to a presentation flag pole or parade flagpole. Our outdoor Hungary flag had canvas header & brass grommets for mounting to your pole. If you don't see the size or style flag to fit your needs, please call for a quote on a custom flag.

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Flag Size Mounting Type Item Code Price
12x18" Header & Grommets e031927
2x3' 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe fz3822013
2x3' 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz3822012
2x3' Header & Grommets fz3822011
3x5' 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe fz3822053
3x5' 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz3822052
3x5' Header & Grommets fz3822051
4x6' 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe fz3822093
4x6' 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz3822092
4x6' Header & Grommets fz3822091
5x8' Header & Grommets fz3822131
6x10' Header & Grommets e035105