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Historical Liberty Flags & Modern Liberty Flags for the Home

The American spirit is one of freedom, liberty and justice for all. Values held dearly by all Americans, and represented so clearly in this Collection of Liberty Flags. Containing both historical and modern-day flags bearing the word, “Liberty”, this collection features flags with both a story and a purpose.

Historical Liberty Flags

Often used in Revolutionary War re-enactments, our historical liberty flags include the Sons of Liberty Flag and the Pine Tree Stick Flag, as well as the Schenectady Liberty Flag from 1771, the Taunton Flag from 1774, the Moultrie Flag from 1775 and the Huntington Flag from 1776.

Many of these flags continue to fly over the cities in which they originated, or in the county’s that share their name, including Schenectady NY, Huntington NY, Taunton MA, Moultrie County IL and throughout South Carolina.

You can learn more about these historical liberty flags in our Spirit of Liberty Infographic, or our blog post on Revolutionary War Liberty Flags.

Modern Liberty Flags

With a minimalist design and the same spirit of liberty, our modern liberty flags are made in the USA and designed for the American home. The Wild Standard Liberty Flag is ripped from 100% natural cotton utility duck and features “Liberty” in white screen printed lettering, while our Oxford Pennant Liberty “Camp” Flag features cut and sewn wool felt with brass grommets in all four corners.

How to Purchase Our Liberty Flags

All of our Liberty Flags can be purchased online, or by calling us at 1-888-697-3524. Need a custom designed Liberty Flag, or wish to purchase our Liberty Flags in bulk? You can always give us a call or contact us online for a quote.

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