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Browse American Flags and banners for the 4th of July! From Fourth of July flags, banners, fans and 4th of July buntings , we carry a variety of unique 4th of July decorations to help you celebrate in style!

Fourth of July Flags

Independence Day celebrates the birth of a nation, so it is only natural that the national flag is the most popular Independence Day flag. The American flag is a common sight on its own, but people also choose to fly it alongside other July 4 flags as the centerpiece of a larger display. The most common displays feature a single, large flag on a pole or suspended from a railing that is accompanied either by other designs or by a set of smaller flags. The POW/MIA Flag and other military flags are popular choices for these displays, as are historical versions of the American flag, especially the original design by Betsy Ross.

Traditional American Flags for the 4th of July

Browse American Flags and banners for sale to celebrate the 4th of July! Our beautiful red, white and blue flags are made in the USA with pride! Below you find a variety of traditional decorations for the 4th of July including Independence day flags, banners and 4th of July buntings. At Gettysburg Flags, we strive to set an industry standard in the way we design, manufacture and supply our flags and flag related products.

Fourth of July Fans and Buntings

Traditional flags are not the only 4th of July flags and banners that people fly to celebrate the nation's independence. Large displays often include Fourth of July fans and buntings alongside or in place of traditional flags. These flags can help diversify a display without the risk of including multiple designs that clash with each other. Fans are best displayed by hanging them from a railing, roof, or other long, flat surface. Bunting can be displayed in a similar way on its own, but it is often used to connect the individual 4th of July flags that make up a larger display. Our American garden flags are also popular sellers as well.

Shop 4th of July Flags Today!

Most July 4 flags are based on the flag of the United States of America, but some of them focus on the holiday itself as much as the nation. Most of these flags can be used along with the other flags without looking out of place because they include elements from the national flag, but they are often used on their own as part of Independence Day celebrations. Many parties, lectures, fairs, and other events for the holiday can benefit from an Independence Day flag that can both provide decoration for the event and remind people why they have come together.

Shop our independence day flags and banners today! Have questions or would like to create a custom 4th of July flag? Contact us today at 1-888-697-3524 or send us a message online !

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