American Flag Windsock

Premier Quality 50 Star USA Windsock. 50 Embroidered stars on top quality dupont nylon just like our USA flags. Made in America!

Great product!
I purchased my windsock over a year ago. We live in the country and it is windy most days. We have never taken down our windsock since we put it up well over a year ago. Not only are the colors still vibrant - this sock withstood over 50 m.p.h. winds. If I do need to replace in the future - it would be with another one just like this. Excellent quality and the best that it is -Made in the U.S.A.
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Most durable windsock I have found
I live in SW Florida where the scorching sun, heat, and humidity easily destroy most nylon windsocks and flags. Gettysburg Flag Works produces a high-quality and sturdy product that withstands these conditions for many months. This is my third Gettysburg windsock, and I will continue to replace it, when necessary, with your beautiful and superior windsocks!

*** Note from GFW: Thank you for the kind words and beautiful photograph, Maria! We've included your photo right at the top of the page! ***
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