American Flag Windsock

Made in the USA. Premier quality 50 Star USA Windsock. 50 Embroidered stars on top quality dupont nylon just like our USA flags.

Looks great.
We love it. Got it just in time for Memorial day. WE have it hanging from a branch in a tree in our front yard. Looks great.
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Great product!
I purchased my windsock over a year ago. We live in the country and it is windy most days. We have never taken down our windsock since we put it up well over a year ago. Not only are the colors still vibrant - this sock withstood over 50 m.p.h. winds. If I do need to replace in the future - it would be with another one just like this. Excellent quality and the best that it is -Made in the U.S.A.
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Most durable windsock I have found
I live in SW Florida where the scorching sun, heat, and humidity easily destroy most nylon windsocks and flags. Gettysburg Flag Works produces a high-quality and sturdy product that withstands these conditions for many months. This is my third Gettysburg windsock, and I will continue to replace it, when necessary, with your beautiful and superior windsocks!

*** Note from GFW: Thank you for the kind words and beautiful photograph, Maria! We've included your photo right at the top of the page! ***
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