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Memorial Flags and Grave Markers

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Cemetery Flags, Grave Markers & Memorial Flags

Cemetery flags, also known as grave marker flags, are often displayed as a tribute to fallen veterans, firefighters and police. However, memorial flags can also be used in a much broader sense to honor anyone who has passed. Cemetery garden flags, in particular, are a beautiful way to remember loved ones, and they can be customized with a photo, poem or message.

Cemetery Flags for Veterans & First Responders

When we think of cemetery flags, we often think of the beautiful American Stick Flags that adorn the graves of fallen veterans, firefighters and police officers. While this is the most common cemetery flag, there are many options in both size and type of flag. American cemetery stick flags are available in 8x12" and 12x18" sizes, mounted to a wooden dowel that can be of a variety of diameters or lengths. The flag is usually a cotton sheeting, but can be of a no-fray (cut only) material, or have a rolled hem for more durability.

Grave Markers for Veterans

Military Grave Markers are ideal for holding cemetery flags. Typically made of aluminum, bronze or plastic, the plaques are mounted to a ground stake and include a holder on the back for mounting a flag. Our military grave marker collection includes Army Grave Markers, Navy Grave Markers, Coast Guard Grave Markers, Marine Corps Grave Markers and Air Force Grave Markers. We also carry POW/MIA grave markers, as well as grave markers for specific wars, such as the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the Persian Gulf War.

Grave Markers for Fire & Police

Grave markers are also commonly used to hold cemetery flags in honor of first responders. Choose from our Grave Markers for Firemen, Police Grave Markers, and our commemorative September 11th Grave Marker. We also offer Custom Fire Department Grave Markers that can be personalized with the firefighter's name and department, and Custom Grave Markers for Police, Sheriff & EMS, which can be made-to-order with the deceased’s name and badge number.

Memorial Flags & Cemetery Garden Flags

Mounted on a Garden Flag Stand, cemetery garden flags can be displayed in your garden or at the cemetery, and are often placed at the gravesite while the headstone is being made.

For example, our God’s Garden Flag makes a beautiful memorial for a loved one who has passed. The 11x15” polyester memorial flag includes the God’s Garden poem and can be personalized with a name and photo. This durable, all-weather nylon cemetery garden flag is digitally-printed, single reverse with double-stitching for added durability. We also offer Custom Garden Flags. Submit your own text, message, photos or artwork, or work with our designers to create your own one-of-kind memorial flag.

Other Cemetery Decorations

In addition to cemetery flags, memorial garden flags and military grave markers, we also carry Headstone Wreath Hangers. Made of thick gauge aluminum, these hangers fit headstones from 7 to 11 inches and will never rust. Simple to use, requires no wiring, and is perfect for hanging a wreath or other decorations.

If you have questions about any of our memorial flags and holders, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 for immediate assistance.