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Texas Flags - Texas Flag And American Flag, Texas Historical Flags & More

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Texas State Flags For Sale

The Texas state flag is one of the most iconic flags in the United States, representing both the state’s unique history and its connection to the larger union. This flag symbolized the Republic of Texas during its period of independence, making it one of the few flags that has represented both an independent nation and a state within the USA.

Getting Your Texas Flag in Texas

We know how important your Texas USA flag is to you and we want to get you the exact Texas flag you’re searching for. That’s why we support so many different Texas Flags. You can get the Texas Flag and American Flag bundled together for one easy purchase, as well as many of our other variations like the Texas Flag Boat Flag, Texas Indoor Flag Set, wind resistant Texas Car window Flag, Lapel pins and so much more!

The Texas Flag With American Flag Bundle

At Gettysburg Flag Works, we know Texan pride runs deep with American Pride too. That’s why we’ve created our signature Texas flag and US flag bundle. Both flags are run through our top of the line lock-stitched sewing patterns for the ultimate hold between fabric pieces. The Texas and American flag are also made with our best Nylon, 100% sourced in America. We put a lot of effort into making this bundle something that will last longer than anything else on the market. Featuring our Battle-Tough® American flag, you will love watching both of these amazing flags blow in the lightest of breezes!

Old Texas Flag

The Texas flag has been through a lot over the years. Through its long history there have been a few different old Texas flags that will look good on your pole! Among these flags is the Old Texas 1836 flag, also known as the very 1st flag of the Republic of Texas that was adopted right as Texas declared independence from Mexico. It’s a beautiful flag that you can get right here at Gettysburg Flag Works!

Additional Texas Flag And American Flag Accessories

We didn’t stop at just making the best Texas flag for any size pole. We also wanted to support any and all of your Texas Flag needs with our creation of the Texas Lapel pin for any formal situation you find yourself in while in the lone star state. It's a wonderful accessory to your overall look! You can also support this incredible state with a Car Window Flag or a Texas State Stick Flag that is perfect for waving at festivals, carnivals or parade events! Formal events could never be without the Indoor Texas flag set that comes equipped with everything you could possibly need from the base stand to the unique Texas pole topper! Get your Texas flag needs today with Gettysburg Flag Works!

Ordering Your Texas Flag With Fast Shipping!

It’s never been easier to get your Texas Flag in your hands and on your pole! Most of our Texas Flags are a part of our quick delivery program which sees your flag going out the same day you order it! If you order before 3:00 on our regular business days, your Texas flag will ship out the same day and be with you as fast as possible!

Have questions or can't find the Texas flag you are looking for? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'll be happy to assist you!