Irish Infantry Brigade Regiments Civil War Union & Confederate

The history of the Irish Infantry Brigade Regiments and Irish brigade flag

The Irish infantry brigade regiments consisted mostly of Irish Americans and recent immigrants from Ireland who had served in the Union Army in the American Civil War. The 69th New York Infantry or “Fighting 69th” Irish brigade regiment continued in later wars. The Irish infantry brigade regiments took on some of the heaviest losses during the US Civil War. The Irish Brigade Regiment was known for its war cry in Gaelic “fág an bealach!” or “Clear The Way!”

Flags and banners related to Irish Infantry Brigade Regiments

The Irish brigade flag and Irish brigade regiment flags were numerous in their actual number, but generally shared a very common design in that each Irish brigade flag featured an Irish green or kelly green background. Each Irish brigade regiment flag then featured a white cloud with a harp over the top. For many Irish infantry brigade regiments, their Irish brigade flag featured golden lightning shooting from out of the cloud.

The various Irish infantry brigade regiments had unique identifiers at the bottom of each irish brigade flag, but generally the Irish infantry brigade regiments mimicked each other's designs. Each Irish brigade regiment carried their Irish brigade flag into battle, so the flags became a rallying cry for the Irish infantry brigade regiments. Much Irish blood was spilled on the Irish brigade flag for the good of the Union, and many an Irish brigade regiment fought proudly to keep their flags aloft.

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