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About Our Flags of the World

The world is a big place, full of unique languages and cultures. There are 193 countries that have a seat in the United Nations. That's quite a few country flags, and Gettysburg Flag Works has them all.

Each of these country flags have pages of their own to tell you all about the symbolism on the flag, and show the different options for each, but they all have a few things in common.

First, all country flags are available in colorful nylon, resistant to both the elements, including the sun. Second, all country flags are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Third, all country flags have the Gettysburg Flag Works seal of quality. We demand a high quality from our American flags, and foreign flags deserve no less.

Our assortment of country flags include a wide selection of sizes and mounting options. You can choose from 2x3', 3x5', 4x6', 5x8' and 6x10'. These country flags can be constructed with either a header and grommets or with a pole sleeve – you decide, depending on how you intend to mount it. You can also select smaller sizes like 12x18 inches, or you may choose from our assortment of rear view mirror flags.

About Rear view mirror flags and miniature flags

A rear view mirror flag is an affordable way to take pride in your nationality. With a great attention to detail in every piece, we make sure your country's heritage is put on display with great respect and dignity. Show your true colors, even while driving to work! Secured to the car windshield with a standard suction cup, or hanging from your rear-view mirror, this small rear view mirror flag is 4.25x5" and is printed on a satin-like polyester material. The rear view mirror flag is held up with a brass plated crossbar and has gold fringe sewn on three sides.

Should you be looking to purchase more than one rear view mirror flag, be sure to check out our quantity discount pricing on all of our rearview mirror flags.

In addition to rearview mirror flags, we offer a large selection of miniature or stick flags. These small country flags are a great way to celebrate the pride in your heritage at a parade or other type of event. They are a fun way to get kids involved in learning about their ethnicity as well.

Rear view mirror flags make great gifts and are a nice way to remember a trip or to keep as a souvenir.

Customers who bought rearview mirror flags were also interested in lapel pins and stickers

Customers that purchase rearview mirror flags are typically looking to display their pride in a more mobile fashion. As such, lapel pins are also a popular way to do so. Choose from our country flags lapel pins or from a combined version – a double waving flag of the country of your choice and an American flag.

If you are looking for more than one way to decorate your car, in addition to a rear view mirror flag, you can also choose a country flag in the form of a sticker.

Products related to country flags and rear view mirror flags

If you're interested in foreign flags you may also wish to consider a flagpole. Gettysburg Flag Works offers poles both for indoor and outdoor use. One of our more popular flags poles is the aluminum spinning pole. This pole won't rust and it will prevent your country flag from tangling.

Did you know that we can create custom flags?

Don't want to settle for just a country flag? Want to set yourself apart and be the talk of the town? Work with Gettysburg Flag Works to develop a custom flag that can incorporate any design – including a country's colors, should you choose. If you have an idea for a custom flag, send us an email today!