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Flag of Cambodia

Cambodia flags proudly display their nation's heritage in the form of Angkor Wat, which is one of the nation's most distinctive buildings and most significant historical sites. The flag of Cambodia is also one of the few national flags to have been discarded by the national government and then put back into use at a later date.

  • Capital of Cambodia: Phnom Penh
  • Area of Cambodia: 176,520 sq. km
  • Languages used in Cambodia: Khmer (official), French, English
  • Religions in Cambodia: Theravada Buddhist

Colors and Symbolism of Cambodia Flags

Angkor Wat dominates Cambodia flags. It is a symbol of the Cambodian nation as well as a symbol of justice and the nation's religious heritage. The emblem is displayed on a red stripe, which represents the virtue of bravery and the people who live in Cambodia. The red stripe is nestled between two stripes of blue, which stand for the king of Cambodia and represent the virtues of liberty and cooperation. 

History of Cambodia Flags

Cambodia's flag has changed dramatically over the years. The oldest flag was a yellow triangle with a green border, but it fell out of use when Cambodia became a French protectorate. The protectorate adopted a new flag that featured Angkor Wat on a red square with a blue border, which was in use from 1863 to 1945. The nation was occupied by Japanese forces during the second world war, and it used a new flag during the occupation. The flag displayed five white squares on a red field, and it was only used during the occupation. Cambodia reverted to its previous flag when the occupation ended, but only used it for three more years before it adopted the modern flag. The flag changed once more in 1970 when the Khmer Republic established itself. The Cambodian flag changed several more times as different governments took power, but all of the flags relied on Angkor Wat as a symbol of Cambodia and its people. The most recent change occurred in 1993, when the government choose to use the 1948 flag to represent the country for the second time.