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Oak Outrigger Flagpole - Wooden Flagpole

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This unique outrigger style pole will make a one of a kind statement when flying at your home or camp. Crafted from Tennessee Oak and finished by our team of craftsmen with multiple coats of Z-Spar Flagship varnish, this pole is meant to stand out. The bracket is fabricated from thick steel and finished with a gloss black powdercoat. Pole hardware is marine grade stainless steel to allow performance without corrosion or rust; ball finial is powdercoated steel. Some call it the Adirondacker Pole, others the New Englander- to us this pole just says America. 

  • 6' Oak Wooden House-Mount Outrigger Flagpole
  • 1.5" Diameter Solid Red Oak pole with additional color stain
  • Multiple coats of clear-coat marine spar varnish for durability
  • Mounting bracket is powdercoated steel with weep hole, set screw and black oxide stainless steel lag bolts for installation
  • Includes 3x5' Battle-Tough® US flag, black powdercoat metal ball topper, 4-3/8" stainless steel cleat for halyard & all stainless steel mounting hardware*
  • Pole and Bracket hardware are Made in USA; some accessories imported. 

*Please Note: We always recommend professional installation if this item will be located at overhead height or in difficult weather locations.  Due to harvesting and production methods the wooden poles may have unique grain highlights that vary between poles and batch runs. 

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The Fiberglass Flagpole With Options!

We have created the most elegant Oak Wooden Outrigger flagpole. Every inch of this pole, mounting bracket and flag have been combed over by our team to find any sort of blemish or reason not to put it up on your home. With a pole crafted from Tennessee wood and coated 5 times over with Z-Spar Flagship varnish, this pole gets finished with a polishing gloss that will make it stand out in any neighborhood. The luxury of this pole is beyond anything we have ever created, and we know you will love it.

Key Features of Our Pole

  • Luxury Gloss pole made coats of Beautiful Varnish!
  • Fast and reliable shipping you get to choose! Get your Fiberglass Spinning Pole shipped out as fast as today.
  • A heavy duty powder coated steel mounting bracket made with weep hole, set screws and black oxide stainless steel lag bolts for installation!
  • Safeguarding American jobs with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the grommet! Entirely manufactured in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to harvesting and production methods each wooden pole may have unique grain highlights that will vary between batch runs.

The Oak Outrigger Pole Size Recommendations

Get the 6 foot, high end outrigger pole in a red Oak wood with several layers of spar Varnish. Each pole is uniquely yours and comes fully equipped with everything you need!

  • 3x5’ - The Battle-Tough American Flag is included in your purchase and is most commonly used on 6' house-mounted poles or in-ground poles up to 20' tall.
  • Header and Grommet attachment capability - This is the most popular way to attach a flag and is used on house mounted poles and in-ground flag poles. Generally made of brass and connected via snap clip and roped rings.

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Ordering Your Oak Outrigger Flagpole

For assistance or questions, you can contact us online, or use our Live Chat feature during business hours. You can also call us at 1-888-697-3524 to place an order by phone.

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