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Battle-Tough® Nylon American Flag

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Made in the USA. The Battle-Tough® American flag has been engineered to use the lightest and strongest materials and is made with technology that makes it the longest lasting nylon flag on the market.

  • Made with strong all-weather nylon
  • Super-tough directional stitching keeps your stripes together
  • All edges are lock stitched and corners are double reinforced with extra stitching in an "X" pattern
  • All materials are made in the USA and the flags are entirely manufactured in the USA
  • Header material is the most durable and brightest white in the industry

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The Toughest American Flag on the Market

Our Battle-Tough® flag has been engineered to use the lightest and strongest materials and is made with technology that makes it the longest lasting nylon flag on the market. The Battle-Tough® American flag is made to last in any weather condition. Nylon dries very quickly, lending itself to wet climates, and flies in even the lightest breezes.

Key Features of Our Battle-Tough® American Flag

American flag Battle Tough american 50 star flag nylon high quality
  • Longer lasting and fade resistant nylon for a Battle-Tough® lifespan.
  • Directional stitching between stripes and X-box corner tightening for maximum wind resistance.
  • Securing American jobs with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the grommet! Entirely manufactured in the USA.
  • Faster delivery than ever before. Arriving at your doorsteps within a week!
  • Bright-white, high end canvas header for the most secure hold on your flag pole!

American Flag Size Recommendations:

  • 3x5' - The most common flag size. Used on 6' house-mounted poles or in-ground poles up to 20' tall
  • 4x6' - Traditionally used on 25' tall in-ground flagpoles
  • 5x8' - Made for use on 30' tall in-ground flag poles
  • 5x9.5' - A military standard size used on caskets of soldiers but also used on 30' tall in-ground flag poles
  • 6x10' - Made for use on 35' - 40' tall in-ground flagpoles
  • Header and Grommet style - This is the most popular way to attach a flag and is used on house mounted poles and in-ground flag poles. Generally made of brass and connected via snap clip or plastic grommet rings like our rotating spinning pole.

Need a bigger or custom American flag? Contact us for assistance on making you your perfect American flag.

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An American Flag Built to Last

American flag Battle Tough American flag nylon high quality

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Have questions about which outdoor American flag will work best for you? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

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