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9th Connecticut Irish Brigade Regiment Flag

In stock
  • 3x5'
  • Printed Nylon
  • Header & Grommet
  • Made in USA

Our high quality, American-made 9th CT Irish Brigade Flags are digitally printed on all-weather nylon and are durable enough to fly on a daily basis. Show your military pride for this regiment with this unique flag from the Civil War era!

About the 9th Connecticut Irish Regiment Flag

The 9th Connecticut Irish Regiment was founded in September 1861 as part of the New England Brigade. With posts in Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, the 9th CT Irish Regiment was known best for their service in Baton Rogue and New Orleans. They fought bravely in this theater, particularly in the Battle at Baton Rogue, and were a key regiment in defending and holding the city of New Orleans for the Union. Of the 860 enlisted men in the regiment, some 220, or more than a quarter, perished during the war.

Show Your Pride with Connecticut Irish Brigade Regiment Flags & Civil War Flags

Flying a 9th CT Irish Brigade Regiment Flag is a great way to celebrate the brave Civil War soldiers who fought to keep the country together and defeat the secessionist Confederate States!

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These Civil War era flags are perfect for the history buff in your life or for an ancestor who served. They are made of high-quality nylon and will last for many years.

Have questions about any of our flags? Call us at 1-888-697-3524 or online, and we'll get back to you shortly!

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