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The Ultimate Guide to Flag Etiquette

The American Flags is one of the most treasured and important symbols of our country, and it's important that respect is shown to it at all times. Many Americans may not realize that some of the things they do, including some methods of disposing of an old flag , are actually disrespectful if not done correctly.

Many people don't know that there is indeed a proper way to fold an American Flag . The flag should first be folded in half lengthwise twice. The end opposite the stars should then be folded into a triangle and repeatedly folded up until all that's left is a square. The square should then be folded in half diagonally and tucked inside the folds of the flag.

There are also many rules of flag etiquette that must be followed when publicly displaying a flag outdoors. When on a flagpole, the flag should be raised quickly but lowered slowly, and should only be displayed between sunrise and sunset unless illuminated by a . When hung from a flagpole projected from a building", the union (or stars) should always be at the peak. If the American Flags is to be hung flat against the wall either vertically or horizontally, the union must always be in the upper left hand corner.

Since the American Flags is such a respected symbol of our country, there are many other guidelines to follow to pay homage. Some other American Flag Etiquette tips to remember:

  • When a flag has become too worn to be displayed, it must disposed of in a respectful manner, usually through disposal ceremonies held by American Legion posts.
  • In times of mourning, the American Flags may be flown at Half-Staff . The flag must first be raised to the top then brought down to half-staff , and when lowered must again return to the top before coming down.
  • When the American flag is flown alongside another country's flag, the flags must be the same size, and flown from separate staffs of the same height. When the American Flags is flown with a state or local flag, they may fly on the same staff, but the American flag should always be at the peak.
  • The American flag should never be used to carry or hold anything, nor should any letters, marks, or figures be attached to it.
  • When lowering the American flag from a flagpole, no part of the flag should touch the ground. It should be lowered carefully into a person's arms and then folded properly.

While it may seem like there are an overwhelming amount of flag etiquette rules, as long as you treat the American flag with care and respect, you're doing your patriotic duty!